Another Must See: The Chihuly Exhibit at The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Girls’ Day

     Some of the posse finally met at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to tour the Chihuly exhibit that continues until February 10, 2013.  Ever since our Fine Arts and Flowers visit when we spied Chihuly’s stunning blue and gold chandelier hanging at the main window of the Museum, Ellegram and I have been anticipating our return.

Chihuly hallway chandelier

I have recurring visions of this divine glass confection, which weighs about 3,000 pounds, consists of about 2,000 pieces and took a small army of workers and volunteers four days to install.

     The exhibition exceeded expectations.  In addition to the chandelier (which the Museum’s board would be crazy not to acquire and leave right here facing the Boulevard forever) and the outdoor red reeds in the water garden adjoining the Best Cafe, Dale Chihuly’s works are spread throughout seven display rooms that each contain completely unique and jaw-dropping glass works.

Chihuly Finland

Ikebana Float

When you get downstairs to the exhibit rooms, you have got to purchase the audio tour.  Don’t be a cheapskate:  for $5 you will hear Mr. Chihuly describe the inspiration for and execution of these larger than life creations.  The background information enhances the whole breathtaking experience.

Chihuly water garden

After having our minds blown open by this colorful art form and filled with wonder as to its actual installation, our Girls’ Day included a stop in the wonderful VMFA gift shop and concluded with lunch up on the Third Floor at Amuse, the members-only restaurant that creates its own locally-sourced and constantly changing culinary masterpieces.


The Chihuly at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Exhibit Book

Family Holiday Adventure

     I am only including a few iPhone snapshots to pique your interest and because my photos cannot convey the beauty of this exhibition, which you do not have to limit to touring only with your girlfriends.  This presentation is so accessible that the whole family will enjoy it.  With only seven rooms to visit, the tour itself goes very fast.

I wish this were my Christmas tree, don't you? Maybe next year.

I wish this were my Christmas tree, don’t you?  Maybe next year.

The kids will not be bored, and in this season of light and wonder, a visit to Chihuly should prove the perfect complement to your family’s festivities.


Fine Arts & Flowers at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art

Get there this weekend.

     You will not regret one moment spent viewing the floral interpretations of 75 works of art in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts‘s permanent collection.  This spectacular event created by members of the Garden Club of Virginia in conjunction with the Museum provides an amazing opportunity to view the works and floral design in such a unique way.  Some of my favorite designs, which I found on the VMFA’s Facebook page, include

Ritual crown with floral design by Elizabeth Burgess,

Renoir’s “The Artist’s Son” with floral design by Liz Savage Goffigon, Traci Jones and Susan Henderson,

“Chi-wara Headress” with floral design by Jean Fender and Vivian Gulden,

Arman’s “Torso” with floral design by Caroline Parrish,

Carpeaux’s “Neopolitan Fisher Boy” with floral design by Darlene Halvorsen, Ann Brown and Barrett Tharrington,

Hassam’s “Isle of Shoals” with floral design by Doris Morris and Lesley Dobson, and

Pollack’s “Number 15” with floral design by Kathy Klein.

     In anticipation of the dreary weather forecast this weekend, a visit to Fine Arts & Flowers provides the perfect family opportunity to enjoy nature indoors.  Its almost scavenger-like format will have you visiting galleries and artwork that you may not have ever seen or at least not in a long time.  I am already anticipating the next Fine Arts & Flowers in two years.