‘Tis the Season

for pre-ordering Christmas cards on sale.

     September 15th is here, and I’ve only got another half of the month to plan and order this year’s Christmas card if I want to get the September discount.  How can it possibly be time to start thinking about the holidays?  I haven’t even downloaded the pictures from our summer vacation to sunny Southern California yet.

     Oh, well.  Since time marches on, I’d better march myself over to One Thing at a Time inside the Shops at 5807 to see what’s new in the way of greeting card fashions.  I am looking forward to seeing the holiday offerings from Lallie’s new and more affordable SoNancy line.

     In between searching the vacation pics for a decent card photo, I’ve got to start making my lists, so I can check them twice.  Does the thought of the holidays bring you joy or make you feel more like the Grinch?  Maybe if I really do plan ahead and get organized now, December will be jolly.


Welcoming the Holidays with an Annual Christmas Card Addressing Party

     Happy December!  It is changeover day around here when the focus shifts from autumn to Christmas.  Until December officially arrives, I refuse to swap out the everyday china from my beloved  turkeys to my Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles Christmas or listen to Christmas carols.  True, I have started the Christmas shopping, but I really don’t want to look at a Christmas decoration until the calendar turns. 

    Tonight my Christmas season gets kicked off with my friend A’s annual Christmas Card Addressing Party.  A, also the founder of the fabulous Flower Camp, started this tradition too many years ago to count.  It’s the perfect night out for moms because isn’t it always the moms who are in charge of getting the most fault-free picture of the kids on the most suitable card with the most fitting sentiment into the mail before Christmas Eve.  A little wine, some yummy appetizers, lots of girl talk.  Maybe a few cards will be addressed, but if not, who cares?  It’s all about the good intention.

     For the last many years, One Thing at a Time has been my source for Christmas cards.  Ours is always a casual look, and One Thing at a Time has a great selection covering the gamut of styles from stacy claire boyd, William Arthur, Whitney English and more.  While my dear friend E no longer runs OTAT, its lovely new owner, Sara, has taken over beautifully and moved the store to the always festive Shops at 5807.

     With my Joy to the World card envelopes and Christmas card list in hand, I’ll take good intentions for knocking out this holiday chore tonight.  To address or to visit with wonderful women whom I rarely get to see:  I wonder which will win out?  Most likely the envelopes will end up in a corner.   Either way, this soirée is a splendid way to ring in the holidays!

All photos by Avad Fan.