Christmas Floraspirations

I prepared this post to be published before yesterday’s unfathomable tragedy.  As we all mourn for the innocence lost and made even more painful by its occurrence during this season of hope and light, we know that we cannot let evil stop our preparations for the coming of Jesus.  With unbound sympathy for the parents and families of the victims in Newtown, Connecticut, I pray that these Christmas decorations and traditions will comfort and remind us how much we need the grace and comfort of Jesus Christ not just during this incongruous holiday season but all the year long.

     The annual Christmas decorations are finally up, and all but a box or two has been returned to the attic.  Now it’s time to find and arrange the flowers and greenery that will hopefully take us past Christmas Day.  My Three Chopt Garden Club has been my source of floral inspiration (hence “Floraspiration”).  These designs that a small group of us created for the Kent-Valentine House, as well as the elegant green and white arrangements created by some talented ladies for our Club’s annual Christmas party, have inspired me to try some new looks this year.

(Drooling over this mirror-top. It’s a perfect idea for my dining room.)

     Are you feeling inspired to get arranging yet?

All photos by Avad Fan on iPhone.


Floraspirations, Week 4: Super Bowl Flowers

     I couldn’t find any on-line inspiration pictures for Super Bowl flowers.  Even the much buzzed about and beloved site, Pinterest, failed me, so I created my own floral centerpiece for our family-friendly Super Bowl party à la the designs of The Greenhouse II.  I think it looks pretty good sitting on our astroturf tablecloth.

     Don’t you think the big orchid kind of looks like a “V” for Victory?   The tiny yellow flowers are  “twinkle” orchids that remind me of penalty flags. These babies have been a big hit in Richmond.

     Hope your favorite team wins.  I’m cheering for the commercials!

Photo by Avad Fan.