Small Business Saturday: Shop Local at The Pink Palm’s Lilly-licious New Richmond Location

The Pink Palm Has Moved Just Across the Street . . .

to a bigger and brighter location.  With the new pink doors now open,

Small Business Saturday is the perfect time to stop by The Pink Palm and support one of the happiest places in Richmond.  You can not help but smile when you enter this big confection of a space.

     No longer crammed all together, you can fully see and appreciate the artful designs of all of the Lilly Pulitzer inventory,

as well as treasures from curated vendors selected by creative owner, Lizanne Jeveret.

After too much food and too much Black Friday, drop by The Pink Palm at 5019 Huguenot Road (River Road II Shopping Center) and relax.

Let your blood pressure drop and your spirits rise.

You are sure to find the perfect gifts for all of the Lilly lovers and beachniks in your life.

     Happy Holiday Shopping!

All photos by Avad Fan from my iPhone.


Floraspiration, Week 21: In the Pink with Hydrangeas

     Despite my good intentions, I never did spread any aluminum sulfate or potassium around my hydrangeas to lower the soil’s pH and make them bloom blue this year.

Instead, I have got a mass of big deep pink standards and lighter lilac-ish lacecap blossoms that are a joy to behold.  With their lime green stalks, they look ready for a Lilly Pulitzer photo shoot.

     These lush shrubs were purchased at a grocery store years ago to grace the tables of a Christening lunch.  They sat for several years in their pots amongst my mother’s coastal beds before I rescued and planted them along this northeast facing wall.  Now they are thriving despite the constant threat of gluttonous deer, and I have an amazing source of delights for our home and friends.

     Who needs blue when you can be in the pink?

All photos by Avad Fan

LJ’sJewelBox at the Pink Palm and on Etsy

      My friend, Lizanne Jeveret, leads a colorful and creative life.  She is the original proprietor of the Pink Palm, which now consists of four Lilly Pulitzer signature shops in Virginia and Maryland.  She reigns over her mini-Lilly empire with joy and passion.  A horsewoman and dog-lover, she also cares about her community and served for many years with me on the Junior Board of Children’s Hospital.

Aren’t Lizanne’s 3 babies in the middle on the pink couch adorable?

      I have been an Avad Fan of the Pink Palm since it first opened in 2002.  Whenever I am in need of a Lilly fix, I head to the River Road Shopping Center, the first outpost of the Pink Palm.  Like me, all the ladies who work at the Pink Palm are Lilly lovers, and Courtenay never fails to help me find something in the current collection that will work for this 50 year old body.

Source: via Alison on Pinterest

      With spring in the air, I was compelled to visit the Pink Palm over the weekend and ran into Lizanne, who fits this definition of a Lilly girl to a “t”.  We started talking about her newest passion:  her handmade jewelry.  What started as a curiosity has turned into her obsession, and she has been selling her creations in her stores.  Aware of her customers changing desires, she prices her creations very reasonably and has even begun offering them on her Etsy store, LJsJewelBox.

Don’t you love my new fabulous find?

      In store or on-line, you’ve got to check out Lizanne’s new jewelry line.

Tickled Pink: Lilly Pulitzer and Pinterest

     After the (very) brief bout with winter on Sunday and Monday, it’s time to bring on Spring.  For me, nothing feels Springier than Lilly Pulitzer.  Maybe that is why I am always upping the Lilly factor in my daughter’s bedroom.

Simple curtains - dramatic effect

     Check out her (relatively) new curtains that Sheilla’s Shades (804.740.4030) made from two of Lilly Pulitzer’s king flat sheets in Monkey Trouble Hibiscus that I ordered from Garnet Hill last year.  Each sheet was the perfect width for one panel, and hanging this way gives the pattern a colorful damask look.  Now I smile every time I walk by that bedroom even though its occupant is away at college.

Avad Fan's Tickled Pink Board

      I was tickled pink when the top 10 social media site, Pinterest, sent me an email yesterday announcing that Lilly Pulitzer was following me on its super-cool and red-hot site.  Even the serious business pages are taking note of Pinterest’s astounding growth due to its user-friendly and visually-appealling platform, and smart retailers like Lilly Pulitzer are jumping on board.  What a great marketing idea for Lilly, as the company apparently began following its many followers and not just flattering me.

Lilly Pulitzer's Current Pinterest Boards

     Have you visited Pinterest yet and opened your own account?  If you don’t want to set up an account through Facebook or twitter, just request an invite by email.  It will arrive shortly.  Then you can start saving all of your favorite internet images and organizing them in any way that makes sense to you.  As the team at Pinterest likes to say, Happy Pinning!

When in Raleigh, Discover Palm Avenue at Cameron Village

My good friends know that I am an Avad Fan of all things Lilly.  As in Pulitzer.  Her colors are all my favorite colors.  If my body and my checkbook allowed, I would always be decked out in her fashions that I usually pick up at our local West End Lilly Pulitzer signature shop, The Pink Palm, owned by my friend, Lizanne Jeverett.

I’ve been lucky to have a daughter who shares my love for Lilly.  For many years her bedroom has been an homage to Lilly Pulitzer.  Now I have discovered a place that could turn my whole home into Lilly-world.

     I stumbled on my fantasy store while introducing a friend to the delights of Cameron Village.  Located just a few blocks from the N.C. State campus, Cameron Village has been a Raleigh shopping destination since 1949.  It is filled with appealing boutiques featuring fashions that a coed can afford.  Nothing in Richmond compares to this unique shopping experience, and I was so looking forward to returning this past weekend.

     After showing my friend some of the boutiques that I remembered from my visit last year, we wandered into the “new” Lilly store that I had heard mentioned.  My jaw literally dropped open when we found ourselves amidst the most amazing eye candy.  Palm Avenue is the first Lilly Pulitzer Lifestyle store in the country.  The home furnishings are beyond fabulous.  I’ll let the pictures that I took with my Blackberry speak for themselves.

     Furniture, accessories, fabrics and rugs in all of their Palm Beach glory:  what more could a girl want?  Palm Avenue contained so many delights that I am sure I didn’t see everything in the room vignettes.  The store set-up should really help customers visualize Lilly Pulitzer living in their homes.  The prices, while no bargain, were in-line with other high quality furnishing lines.

     Palm Avenue was one of the happiest stores that I have ever entered.  Like everyone whom I have met in and from Raleigh, the charming salesladies bent over backwards to be of assistance.  I wish that I could buy one of everything and do my house over top to bottom in Lilly (that probably wouldn’t go over too well with the Hub or my son, but a girl can always dream).

I truly felt at home in Palm Avenue.  If you ever get the chance to visit Raleigh, you’ve got to set aside a chunk of time to spend at Cameron Village.  Check out all of the boutiques, and let your Lilly dreams come to life at Palm Avenue.

All Blackberry photos by Avad Fan.