Moving On to a New Collaboration

     I have been frantically working on my New Year’s resolutions since I last posted.  Not surprisingly, some are going better than others.  At least the house seems to be better organized than during the holidays.  Most of the flurry of activity, though, has been leading to this one big Collaboration:

The Launch of

Gracious Posse Banner

     Starting now, The Gracious Posse is a new lifestyle website celebrating the art of living in an emptying-nest.  This site seems the natural progression from the me-center of Avad Fan to the we-focus of the Posse who share our life journey.  Join my dear friend Ellen and me, along with a growing Posse, as we use our blessings to create our way into a gracious life that no longer is almost completely devoted to raising children.

     The Gracious Posse will be posting everyday with a weekly round-up on Sundays.  Posts will range from inspirations to recipes and how-tos to good and beautiful works happening around town, as well as across the country.  We will also soon begin offering unique and hard to find products that we believe will appeal to our Posse.  We hope that The Gracious Posse will become the one place that you want to visit with your cup of coffee in the morning or your glass of wine at night.

     Avad Fan will remain on-line so that you can get to the Recipes (it’s one feature of this site that I use all the time, especially in the grocery store), as well as the Archives.  I have loved building Avad Fan with your wonderful support.  This blog has taught me so much about the on-line world.  Now I feel ready to embrace my new career as a creative entrepreneur in collaboration with my smart, fun and practical friend, Ellen.  I sure hope that you will come share the journey at The Gracious Posse.

     Thank you for everything!

With grateful love,
Avad Fan

 P.S.  Definitely stop in at The Gracious Posse tomorrow to find out who in the heck the Gracious Posse is after all.


2 Comments on “Moving On to a New Collaboration”

  1. Anne says:

    I have just joined Gracious Posse… good luck, Ladies! 🙂

  2. Avad Fan says:

    Thanks, Anne. Hope that you enjoy it!

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