Lucky 12!

Once in a Lifetime Happy Birthday

     My niece is one special girl.  eDe turns 12 today, 12-12-12.  This darling and delightful girl is a spiritual gift to our whole family, so I had to find the perfect gift to mark this profound occasion.

     With 12 on my mind, I turned to EleganceLetters, the etsy shop that created the wooden monogram for my daughter’s dorm room decor.

The shop owner behind this site eagerly accommodated my special request with three different design choices, and within a couple of weeks, I was working on this.

     Since my Paintbrush and Pearls workshop, I am much more aware of how a painted piece can be improved so much with a bit of fine sanding in between coats.  After a bit of wood putty, light sanding, primer, fine sanding and a couple of coats of high gloss white paint, I am so excited for eDe to receive her 20″ Lucky 12.

Happy 12th Birthday, eDe!!!

Sure hope that this will always remind her of this unique day and how remarkable she is.

All photos by Avad Fan.


5 Comments on “Lucky 12!”

  1. Anne says:

    You are so talented….

  2. Suewaz says:

    What a darling tribute for Miss E! I was working yesterday on the 12th (yes, I still do that…not sure why though…)….anyway it was our manager’s birthday on the 12th also and they had a cake for her. We all joined in for singing and a slice and then I announced that it was my great-niece’s 12th birthday and everyone thought that was so cool. How many of us can say we know of someone who had a 12th birthday on 12/12/12?? Very few……you are a peach of an aunt to honor Miss E like that. Your number design was lovely! Love and best regards to all……. Aunt Sue

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