Tablescapes from the 2012 Children’s Hospital Foundation Ball

Through the Eyes of a Child

     Under the leadership of Cameron Cummings and Martha Bowden, the talented Junior Board of Richmond’s Children’s Hospital Foundation once again transformed The Country Club of Virginia into a fantasy world.  Take a look at these pictures that I snapped yesterday afternoon before the evening’s festivities got underway.  Hope you can appreciate all of the little details that the Tables, Flowers and Decorations committees included to make “Through the Eyes of a Child” come to life in each of the rooms of the Westhampton Clubhouse.

Royal Palace set in the Main Ballroom

The crown is filled with red roses.

Which patrons ended up in the throne chairs?

The hanging lanterns were lit before the Ball began.

Underwater World in the Big Tent

The shimmery blue table toppers covered by fishing net highlight these elaborate coral creations.

Members of the Tables committee fashioned coral branches from tree twigs.

Fairy Land in Ollie’s Bar

The lucky diners in this room found the sweetest nosegays at their plates.

Such a darling fairy house.

Do you see the butterflies?

Where the Wild Things Are in Ollie’s Dining Room

The moss crowns are straight out of this favorite children’s book.

Truly a wild room

A Boy’s Treehouse in the Westhampton Room

Aren’t those stump vases fabulous?

How many little boy trinkets can you spot?

Look at that rope bridge in this amazing room.

Candy Land and Sweet Treats in the Windsor Room

A confectioner’s delight

that must have thrilled the dentists, too.

The Nutcracker Ballet in the West Ballroom

See the snakes on the plates referencing the snake charmer in the ballet?

Love the Children’s Hospital Foundation nutcrackers made locally here in Richmond.

This amazing tree was created from corrugated box.

The window inserts were painted by Junior Board members under the guidance of local artist, Liz Kellinger.

The Carousel in the West Porch

Meadow flowers reflected in the mirrored candelabra

This curved room feels like a carousel come to life.

     Like the Bal du Bois, the Children’s Hospital Foundation Ball is always one of the social highlights of the year in Richmond.  This seated dinner for 700 followed by hours of dancing raises important capital funds to help improve the lives of children who come from near and far.  As a former member of the Board, I am so fortunate to be invited back annually to help with the flowers that enhance each year’s unique theme.

     Cheers to another fabulous Ball!

All photos by Avad Fan from my iPhone.


3 Comments on “Tablescapes from the 2012 Children’s Hospital Foundation Ball”

  1. Lizanne says:

    When did you take all these photos??? I didn’t see you!
    We all had a blast last night – miss you being on the Board!

  2. Regina Fuller says:

    I am so thankful to see all of their rooms in their pristine glory before the beginning of the ball! Every year I swear that I am going to take photos and always forget. The photos are fab. Thanks so much!

  3. Leigh Trigg says:

    These are wonderful!!!! Thank you for posting. Knew I was missing something over the weekend. Lots of love to all on the board. Thinking of all of you!!
    Leigh Trigg

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