Bright, Bold, and Beautiful’s Bliss Home & Design Giveaway

But I Never Win Anything!

     You can only imagine my surprise early yesterday as I was enjoying my coffee while reading my morning emails, which always include posts from a few of my favorite bloggers.  When I got to this Bright, Bold, and Beautiful post, I almost spilled the hot java.  Laura Trevey had announced that Avad Fan was the winner of her fabulous blog’s $75 gift certificate to Bliss Home & Design.

     I spent the next hour perusing Bliss Home & Design‘s gorgeous site trying to decide what I could get with help from my windfall.

Eye-catching coral from the site’s ever-changing selection.

Dransfield and Ross pillows that would look perfect in our master.

Crazy for this Arteriors Zanadoo chandy, but the Hub would think that I had lost my mind.

Anything bamboo, really, but the dining rooms is calling for a pair of these buffet lamps.

This 21.5″ mirror just takes my breath away.

The contrast between polish and texture creates a timeless treasure.

My orchids could use an upgrade from their terra-cotta pots.

Bliss Home’s large selection of decorative accessories includes this peacock that stands over five feet tall.

Lots of shimmery John-Richard eglomise furnishings like this buffet.

Surely there is a place in our home for this Italian beauty.

And what home couldn’t use a piece of jewelry like any of Bliss Home’s large selection of minerals?

     So many choices!  It may take me a while, but how thrilling to get to decide.  Thanks so much to Laura Trevey,

the beautiful and talented Richmond artist behind the wildly popular Bright, Bold and Beautiful blog.  I am so excited to bring a little Bliss into my home.


2 Comments on “Bright, Bold, and Beautiful’s Bliss Home & Design Giveaway”

  1. Anne says:

    Congrats! LOVE the Bliss site…

  2. […] Laura Trevey of Bright Bold & Beautiful.  Introduced through a mutual friend after I won a BB&B Bliss giveaway, Laura truly lives up to the name of her blog.  By the end of our coffee, she felt like an old […]

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