‘Tis the Season

for pre-ordering Christmas cards on sale.

     September 15th is here, and I’ve only got another half of the month to plan and order this year’s Christmas card if I want to get the September discount.  How can it possibly be time to start thinking about the holidays?  I haven’t even downloaded the pictures from our summer vacation to sunny Southern California yet.

     Oh, well.  Since time marches on, I’d better march myself over to One Thing at a Time inside the Shops at 5807 to see what’s new in the way of greeting card fashions.  I am looking forward to seeing the holiday offerings from Lallie’s new and more affordable SoNancy line.

     In between searching the vacation pics for a decent card photo, I’ve got to start making my lists, so I can check them twice.  Does the thought of the holidays bring you joy or make you feel more like the Grinch?  Maybe if I really do plan ahead and get organized now, December will be jolly.


2 Comments on “‘Tis the Season”

  1. srktz says:

    Pant pant pant….I’m now hyperventilating after reading this post! Are you really this organized? I’m not even recovered from the college send off yet! (but true confession: I have bought the first few Christmas presents). Thanks for the heads up about the cards! You’re always a great source of great finds!

  2. Avad Fan says:

    If you have already bought any Christmas presents, you are way ahead of me. I usually have done that by now, but not this year.

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