Making Monogrammed Wall Art

     Before she headed back to school last month, my daughter and I had a little fun creating the piece of personalized art for her dorm room that you first saw here.  The wall above her bed is the perfect place for a large monogram that ties her room together.  A statement monogram like this one stakes your claim to the dorm room and makes it truly your own for the year.

     Last year we used a large monogrammed decal in a fancy font like this one.

I must be all thumbs because we had a very difficult time applying it, and as I was trying to smooth it onto the wall (easier said than done), I could tell that it was going to pull up some of the new paint that the school had slapped on shortly before students began arriving on campus for the fall semester.  Turns out that we had to pay a bit of a fine to the Housing Department for the paint that peeled off when we removed the decal while she was moving out in the spring.  Though the large decal definitely made an impact, we decided that it wasn’t worth another fine and that we should use something that would be easily removable.

     Pinterest is filled with pictures of these large wooden monograms.


How could we resist?  The price was right for the 20+” x 20+” inch size and arrived in less than two weeks.  To make more of a statement on the dorm room wall, we decided to try to enhance it.  An old 24″ x 30″ unfinished canvas stashed in the closet proved to be a perfect backdrop with a couple of coats of purple paint.

     When the ½” thick wooden monogram arrived from the etsy store,


it needed some sanding.  Then after a couple of light coats of spray primer, we applied a few coats of turquoise paint.  Attaching the monogram to the frame was the main concern.  After considering velcroing it to the canvas, I pulled out the drill and made screw holes from the back through the center stretcher and used wood screws sized to go only about halfway through the monogram.

     Now secure, this unique wall art is making a personal statement in my daughter’s dorm room.  Unlike last year’s decal, she can remove it, maybe repaint it and reuse it in any number of places throughout her life.  This wooden monogram will always be the perfect way to make any place where she lives her own.

P.S.  After having to pay the fine for the peeled wall paint, over the summer I went looking for a better way to secure items to her dorm walls.  I am now a convert to the 3M™ Command™ Adhesive Products.  They take a bit of time to prepare and cure onto the wall before affixing the item that you are hanging, but removing them is so simple and clean.  While not cheap, they will save your walls.


2 Comments on “Making Monogrammed Wall Art”

  1. Stacia says:

    LOVE it!!!

  2. […]      With 12 on my mind, I turned to EleganceLetters, the etsy shop that created the wooden monogram for my daughter’s dorm room decor. […]

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