Monograms: the Ultimate Dorm Room Design

     My friends and I have reached the age and stage where our (no longer) little girls are heading off to college.  Along with getting sorority recs lined up and finding the perfect collegiate wardrobe, the summer before a coed’s freshmen year is spent coordinating decor with her soon-to-be roommate and shopping for her first dorm room.  By the time she is settled in to her new space, mom is exhausted but excited to share the results with her posse.

     Dorm rooms sure have come a long way since I went to college.  This beautifully decorated room features custom designs from Blue Moon Bedding, a favorite of Ole Miss coeds.  Everything is just right, and the monogrammed shams add the perfect finishing touch.

     While pictures are a must, the best way to personalize a dorm room and truly make it your own (or at least your side of it) is with monograms. Easy yet distinctive, a monogram reflects its owner’s taste and style and lets her hall-mates know who lives there.  A monogrammed pillow or blanket is classic, but a monogram can also become unifying wall decor.

Monograms seem to be popping up everywhere.  Have you seen the vast collection on Pinterest?  So much monogram inspiration to be had there.

     Got any pictures of your coed’s monogrammed space to share?  Let’s get them pinned!


3 Comments on “Monograms: the Ultimate Dorm Room Design”

  1. […] Monograms: the Ultimate Dorm Room Design […]

  2. Shelby says:

    where did you guys find the storage thing that stores the microwave and refrigerator?

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