Floraspirations – Eli’s Garden

     One of my favorite vendors at St. Stephen’s Saturday morning Farmer’s Market is Eli’s Greens.  They drive in from Cumberland County, Virginia almost every week with the prettiest combination of flowers.  The bright colors of zinnia and celosia season just make me happy, even in this record-breaking heat.

What are those fuchsia feather-duster flowers? I keep forgetting to ask.

     Hope you are managing to stay cool and happy!

All photos by Avad Fan.


2 Comments on “Floraspirations – Eli’s Garden”

  1. Love the farmer’s market bouquet…the color palette is very “on trend” with floral design this year. I wanted to suggest you review a new floral design book for your readers. “Bringing Nature Home” by Ngoc Minh Ngo and Nicolette Owen of the Little Flower School in NYC. It is a gorgeous photographic book of Nicolette’s seasonal and naturalistic floral designs in the spirit of Constance Spry. A. has a copy I gave her for her b’day if you want to borrow it. Hope you are having a flower-filled, lovely summer!

    • Avad Fan says:

      The fabulous blogger, Peak of Chic, wrote a wonderful review of Bringing Nature Home here. The book looks gorgeous and will have to go on my wish list. Thanks for the tip, Madeleine.
      Also, I found out from Eli’s Gardens that the feather duster flowers are another celosia variety, “plume celosia”.

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