Happy Old-Fashioned Fourth of July

     Everyone is grousing about the 4th falling on a Wednesday this year.  You just can’t make a long weekend out of it.  Why didn’t our forefathers have the forethought  to celebration our Nation’s Independence with an Independence Day Friday or Monday?  Wink, wink.

     Oh well, since we will not be getting away this year, I am thinking back fondly to last year’s celebration at the Rivah.  The old-fashioned parade in the charming town of Irvington has left a lasting impression.  Hope you enjoy these shots!

Children lead the parade

and get into the spirit.

Don’t forget your red, white & blue chapeau.

Here come the antique cars and trucks . . . .

A warm welcome to our heroes!

Shriners’ funny mini-cars delighted kids big and small.

     Don’t you just love a parade?  If you are anywhere near the Rappahannock, you have got to make plans to stop by, and please say “hello” to Lady Liberty for me.  Have a safe and Happy 4th!

All photos by Avad Fan.


4 Comments on “Happy Old-Fashioned Fourth of July”

  1. Meg Medina says:

    These are great pictures! (I’m especially fond of the teal Bel Air. Some day I will have such a car.) Happy 4th of July – even though it’s Wed!

  2. srktz says:

    Love love love this post! NOW I feel like I’ve had Fourth of July! What a great parade…..truly vintage all American style! Thanks for sharing and giving me giggles on this hot day! Happy Fourth!

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