Floraspiration, Week 20: Bal du Bois Fleurs

     These pictures hardly due justice to the stunning flowers from Friday night’s 2012 Bal du Bois at The Country Club of Virginia.  As always the floral designs took my breath away, but I do think that this was my favorite Bal yet.  I apologize for the terrible pictures via my iPhone sans flash, but I think that you can still get a bit of the flavor from this memorable affair.

Each of the Sponsors’ bouquets was composed of pink peonies and mini fushia calla lilies.

After the “Figure”, a Sponsor’s shoes take a rest at her table.

Nothing was overlooked, not even the tent poles which were decorated with peonies, stargazer lilies, roses and orchids.

Main ballroom cocktail tables each had their own pagoda decked out in orchids with peony accents.

     Despite the poor quality of the photos, you should be able to get a glimpse of how gorgeously glamorous this Bal was. The overall beautifully conceived design absolutely contributed to the marvelous atmosphere present throughout the evening despite the threatening weather.  The Junior Board of Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Hospital truly created a magical night that the Sponsors will never forget.

All photos by Avad Fan.


7 Comments on “Floraspiration, Week 20: Bal du Bois Fleurs”

  1. SK says:

    So glad you shared these Allison! I never saw any of it due to the crowd!!! Beautiful!

  2. Ellen says:

    You are so right–every year you think it just couldn’t get any better but it does! The color scheme really struck a chord for me this year and the decor and flowers were absolutely stunning! It was so crowded–missed seeing you but I am sure you looked beautiful as always! Love your blog–

  3. Ellen Buoyer says:

    I’m so glad you were there to capture the magic of the evening!

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