Floraspiration, Week 19: Baccalaureate Flowers


A religious ceremony with sermon and often other offerings of music, words and dance in celebration of graduating seniors

     Providing altar flowers for not one but two Baccalaureate services this week plus Pentecost Sunday definitely required inspiration and planning.  Church Flowers by Judith Blacklock delivered the inspiration.

This detailed book really paved the way for the exciting new Flower Guild ministry at St. Stephen’s Church.  Not only does it describe in detail how to get such a ministry up and going, it also contains gorgeous photos from churches throughout England and the United States.  Church Flowers also gives lots of tips on the mechanics of flower arranging for everybody, not just church ladies.

     The traditional palette for the annual Baccalaureate services at St. Stephens is yellow and white.  When I came upon this photo in Church Flowers,

I immediately knew that I had found the look for this week’s crowd of services.  In lieu of gerber daisies, mini yellow calla lilies seemed a natural, and stargazers lilies could make a real impact.  My eye immediately goes to the stalks of dendrobian orchids flowing off to the right.

     While drawn to this arrangement, I knew that it would have to be elevated to be seen down the long center aisle of the church.  Then I had to consider how to make the flowers last in the arrangements from Thursday through Sunday.  Laura at Claymore Seick got the stargazer lilies conditioning on Monday, and we finished conditioning on Wednesday.

     Anticipating a few trips back and forth to the walk-in refrigerator after the arrangements were concocted, I was also concerned about how sturdy the arrangement would be.  Too bad that I did not take pictures of the detailed mechanics supporting these.  The brass vase holds some heavy rocks plus water.  Then a plastic dish has been secured to a plastic tube with heavy duty florist clay.  The tube fits down into the vase, and I added some extra clay to the bottom of the dish so that it hits the inside upper curve of the vase.  Large designer foam is fit into the dish and well-secured with florist tape.

     The result

The left-over flowers enhance  the Holy Spirit side chapel which gets a workout with daily Morning Prayer services.

     While going back and forth to babysit these arrangements during this busy graduation week, I have time to reflect on our many friends who are graduating this year and on my own girl’s high school graduation last year.  As I think to myself several times each day, Wow, how time does fly.  God’s Blessings to this year’s Saints grads.


4 Comments on “Floraspiration, Week 19: Baccalaureate Flowers”

  1. Stacia says:

    These were gorgoeus A! Many thanks for making the service special for our graduating seniors.

  2. Anne says:

    Beautiful! Judith would approve, as would Peggy!!

  3. Love the baccalaureate flowers! I just did St. Francis Episcopal’s 8th grade graduation flowers in all green and white with a moss container a la Anne…Check out a new book on floral design on Amazon called Bringing Nature Home: Floral Arrangements Inspired by Nature by
    Ngoc Minh Ngo. It looks divine and might be a good subject for a Floraspirations blog post! Fleur de Vie has ordered one!

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