Conditioning for a Peony Profusion this Mother’s Day Weekend

     I am up to my eyeballs in peonies this Mother’s Day weekend and could not be happier.

Since my peonies started popping the other week, I have been following Andre Viette’s advice in my Peony Passion post and cutting the peonies buds just as their color starts to show.  Then they go straight into the garage refrigerator without any fuss.  Yesterday the fridge looked like this sans fruits and vegetable which could give off ethylene gas that will speed flower deterioration.

     I pulled out the three most shriveled specimens for a practice run.  Don’t they look pitiful?

After snipping off their leaves and about an inch of stem, I laid them in several inches of water in my prep sink without a lot of hope for what seemed to be buds way past their prime.

Four hours later they looked like this.

After being unceremoniously moved into another vase, they have gotten better and better looking.  Their resilience is truly amazing.

     Buoyed by this success, I pulled out the oldest half of the remaining harvest to prep for a flower arranging workshop today.  They were looking pretty scraggly as they went into the garage utility tub filled with warm water.

Having removed the leaves and recut the stems under water, I arranged the stems so that they would stay submerged.  Like a little miracle, overnight they went from apparently hopeless

to poofed up and proud!

     I cannot wait to spend the weekend arranging these

and their remaining cousins still in the fridge for the Bishop’s confirmation visit to St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church this Mother’s Day Sunday.  Hope your weekend will be just as happy.

All photos by Avad Fan.

P.S.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  Hope you love your gift.  Wish I could share these peonies with you live.


12 Comments on “Conditioning for a Peony Profusion this Mother’s Day Weekend”

  1. Anne says:

    Thats amazing! I’m going to share that with a friend here who has peonies!

  2. mydesignchic says:

    What a great tutorial for me. My peonies are not quite blooming…just buds, but I can’t wait to try your tips!!

    • Avad Fan says:

      Just spent my quiet morning time perusing your beautiful website. Peonies do fit right in with your design aesthetic. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. anne says:

    IF ONLY I had peonies with which to play! These photos are gorgeous…thanks for sharing. Have a very happy Mother’s Day — your gang is lucky luck to have you.!


  4. Ellegram says:

    Peonies resurrected! Who knew? A few “shriveled specimens” remain on my plants, so I plan to extend their useful life a bit longer. Thanks for the info, Avad Fan.

  5. SO glad to know that peonies can be revived under water! Fleur de Vie Houston is an avid fan of Avad Fan…

  6. Aunt Sue says:

    Your peonies are really beautiful (both posts) and how interesting to see them revived and thriving. Playing with flowers is like having dessert every day, but not having to worry about the calories. Enjoy, enjoy all of those wonderful moments. And Dear A….have a wonderful Mother’s Day with your family. Thanks for your lovely wishes and love to All.

    xxoo aunt sue

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