Provence Blue Desk Revealed While Waiting for the Blue Garden Candle Giveaway Reveal

     Ever since posting Ending Procrastination with the Help of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint last week, I have been hard at work transforming my daughter’s desk.  Here is the canvas of the project in mid-wood putty-ing.

Just filling in all of the gouges took all day, but the rather mindlessness of it gave me time to formulate the Blogoversary Giveaway.  Hope that you are looking forward to that reveal just like you have no doubt been looking forward to this desk reveal.

     Tah-dah . . .

     Not too bad, huh?  Can’t wait for my daughter to see it when she gets home next week.

     While the desk looks great now, it will be interesting to see how it holds up with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  This paint really does go on very easily and is not messy at all.  Much to the Hub’s chagrin, I was painting it in the living room where it was out of the way of daily life (so sad that living rooms, i.e. our living room, don’t get too much living in them except for special occasions), but he had nothing to fear.

     Besides all of the wood putty, the desk had been prepped with a liquid sander/deglosser, which I had used as much to clean it as to get it ready for paint.  The majority of the desk was sanded because of the wood putty, and I had lightly run some sandpaper over the sides.  Turns out, those sides made of smooth veneer needed much heavier sanding.  The paint went on them really thin, so it took three coats plus a little extra touch up to get them covered.  The whole desk ended up with three coats as a result, so I used more than the half quart of paint that I had expected.  Hopefully the extra paint will help it hold up in the long run. My recommendation, if you won’t be distressing, is to go ahead and use a primer for the first coat and save yourself some money as the chalk paint is not inexpensive.

     After the second coat was on, I happened upon this picture in Annie Sloan’s book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations.

I had missed it the first time through.  Sure enough, her advise for a strong (as opposed to distressed finish) is to sand down with medium-grade sandpaper.  She had used the same Provence blue that I had (despite the coloring in these pictures), and I swear that I had picked up the glass knobs from Anthropologie before I ever saw this picture.  Great minds think alike.

     The waxing portion of the project is the most taxing, but it makes for a great arm workout.  I applied the Annie Sloan clear wax with the big round brush in order to get into all of the fluting on the legs and between the drawers.  After letting it sit for almost 24 hours to get a bit more shine, I started buffing and buffing.  Make sure that your rags are really clean and have a good number of them.  I really buffed off and on all day until it was time to get the knobs on and get this project done.

     As shown throughout Paint Transformations, this water-based paint is really designed for distressing.  It’s soft finish makes for easy clean up, and it has no smell.  I need to find a project that is in need of a distressed finish to fully test it.  If you want quick and easy paint, this product is for you.  We’ll have to see how well it holds up over time.

     Hope that you enjoyed this reveal.  The next reveal up will be the winner of the Blogoversary Giveaway.  If you would like a chance to win the Nest “Blue Garden” candle that benefits Autism Speaks, all that you have to do is

  1. Leave a comment below;
  2. Subscribe to Avad Fan using the box in the upper right hand corner; or
  3. If you are already a subscriber, tell me that when you leave your comment.

These rules give each entrant up to two chances to win this candle.  This prize can only be shipped to addresses in the United States and Canada, and entries will only be accepted until Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 12 noon EDT.  Please tell your friends.

     Thanks so much for dropping by Avad Fan and being my project inspiration.  It’s so much fun to share things like this desk transformation with you!


5 Comments on “Provence Blue Desk Revealed While Waiting for the Blue Garden Candle Giveaway Reveal”

  1. SK says:

    Great job A! I have just added your name to my “creative and resourceful women” list! This is an amazing transformation. And you made it sound like you may have even enjoyed the project.

    • Avad Fan says:

      I so enjoyed finally getting it done after so very many years of thinking about it. My back wasn’t happy about the whole thing, but I am very glad to check this off of my list.

  2. Ellegram says:

    Amazing! What a “not-quite-trash” to treasure transformation you made. I truly love the desk. Now I’m inspired to tackle Mima’s French-y, 70’s breakfront in my basement with the chalk paint and wax. A good project for next winter.

  3. Aunt Sue says:

    Great Job on the desk A…….it really is amazing what can be done when the mind and heart think alike……along with a bucketful of persistence. Love to all……..aunt Sue

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