Floraspiration, Week 14: PlantEssence via Fleur de Vie Houston

     It is my pleasure this week to introduce Madeleine Elmer, the creative force behind the floral designs of Fleur de Vie Houston that seem to be taking Houston, Texas by storm.  Madeleine is an older sister of my dear friend A, to whom I am always referring, as well as one of the instructors at Flower Camp last spring.  Turning her passion for flowers into a mid-life career, her business has taken off this year, and her website, which her husband helped her create (his photographs of her designs are beautiful, too), is as elegant as her compositions like this fabulous moss centerpiece design that was used for a recent celebration luncheon in Houston.


     Madeleine describes her design ethos as “organic/chic” and inspired by Hitomi Gilliam, a top international floral artist.  According to Madeleine, visionaries like Gilliam and Emily Thompson are leading the industry away from the “tight, domed European hand-tied flowers” “towards more organic/botanical designs”.  Influenced by the green movement, this new design trend tagged “PlantEssence” incorporates “non-traditional plant materials, botanicals and even small bagged plants in their soil which can be transplanted into the garden.  It harkens back to Constance Spry, the original ‘go natural’ English floral designer [who] changed thinking about flower arranging back in the early 20th century and influenced every garden club lady thereafter.”

     If you are in need of floral inspiration, you have got to check out Madeleine’s website, Fleur de Vie Houston.  Thanks so much for sharing your style, Madeleine.  I definitely aspire to create stunning arrangements like yours.


4 Comments on “Floraspiration, Week 14: PlantEssence via Fleur de Vie Houston”

  1. Anne says:

    Madeleine’s creations are stunning! Her talent is inspirational…

  2. Ellegram says:

    I applaud Madeleine for following her passion. Houstonians should be thankful.

  3. Anne says:


  4. Avad Fan says:

    Madeleine’s work is definitely worthy of the appreciative comments. So great to hear from ya’ll!

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