Have a Peep of Easter Fun

     Easter feels completely different when the only child at home is a teenage boy.  The days are gone when Easter was the fourth most anticipated holiday of the year at our house after Christmas, birthday and Halloween.  With a lack of enthusiasm abounding around here, I have yet to pull out one Easter decoration and am debating whether to even dye any eggs this year.

     Fortunately, I have Easter lunch with my posse of girlfriends and their families to anticipate, and helping to flower the altar at church today will provide an opportunity for appropriate Easter reflection.  If, like me, you cannot attend the fabulous annual Easter on Parade on Monument Avenue this Sunday, maybe you will find some childlike Easter spirit with these Peeps on Parade, the annual Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest.  While many of the entries were politically-themed (it is the Washington Post after all) and an “OccuPeep D.C.” won the contest, my favorites this year were all about the other side of the pond:

Just Peep’d

Peepa looks elegant, and check out the details on Prince Harry’s uniform.

Remarkable replicas of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are the talk of the Royal Peeping.

Inside Peepminster Abbey (do you see the Queen?).

Check out the detail on Peep Kate’s dress, and of course I am going wild over the lily of the valley bouquet.

Speaking of princes, “Someday My Peep Will Come” (fortunately mine came over 25 years ago).

Based on my latest obsession, I am crazy for Peepton Abbey

and the fatal and fateful Turkish Delight scene from Season One.

     How clever and creative these diorama artists are,

especially with the most unusual of palates.

What diorama would you make with a flock of peeps?  Are you crafting anything for Easter?


3 Comments on “Have a Peep of Easter Fun”

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  2. Aunt Sue says:

    How precious….had never seen the Peepsville grouping! Loved it!! And Easter is just not Easter without a few Peeps around. My 3 sons never did like the Peeps, but the Peeps always managed to find their way into their baskets and also into the “sharing candy tray”. Now to this day the Peeps will be found on the dessert tray of goodies that I might have at home or a tray that is taken to my hostess’ home. Some things are just tradition and I can still remember them from my childhood…..oh so many Easters ago. Hope yours was blessed and joyous.
    xxoo Aunt Sue

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