Uncovering the Secret of iPhone Replacement

     Shortly after the iPhone 4s came out, I was finally able to replace my Blackberry which I had used hard for 2 1/2 years with rising frustration over its limited internet capabilities.  In the process of making the purchase, I bought a two piece cover for the phone and opted out of Verizon’s warranty coverage.  Based on my prior positive history with cell phones, the Hub reasoned that a $10/month warranty charge + a $170 deductible for the 16GB was not worth it (note:  those amounts have been rounded up by $.01).

    Naturally, while we were on vacation the other week, my lucky streak ended at a most inopportune time.  A water bottle flooded my purse, and in the process my phone died.  As I tried soaking the phone in a baggie of dry rice, the Hub called Verizon to find out our options.  All that the service representative could tell him was “$640 plus tax”.  Isn’t that helpful?

     After sitting in the rice for over 40 hours, the phone still wouldn’t work and the charger wouldn’t slide in easily.  Not wanting to make the situation any worse if there was any salvage hope, I decided to take the phone to the Apple Genius Bar when I returned to Richmond.  After explaining what happened, the sympathetic Apple genius was able to show me that I had indeed fried the phone when I first tried testing it while it was still wet, but then he delivered some sweet news:  I could buy a brand new 4s then and there for $200.  Plus, he could get the new phone set up on my Verizon account immediately.

     I don’t understand what Verizon thinks it is doing for its customers by keeping this information a secret?  We encountered a similar situation when my daughter’s older iPhone began to crack.  Verizon could not or would not tell us that businesses like CPR exist almost solely to fix these problems.  Instead the company tried to convince us that we needed to get a whole new line until her phone number was available for an upgrade.

     Because the mission of Avad Fan is to share fabulous finds rather than throw anyone under the bus, I will conclude this post by saying that I was thrilled to discover that Apple could minimize the cost of my mistake with relative ease.  I only wish that I had known that when I was in Orlando.  It would have reduced the inconvenience for my loved ones.  Even if you do not have an Apple Store near you, you can buy a new 4s on-line for as little as $199 and have it shipped to you for free.  You can activate it yourself through Verizon by dialing *228 and using option 1.

     My water bottle explosion was still a costly mistake but not nearly as costly as we were led to believe.


3 Comments on “Uncovering the Secret of iPhone Replacement”

  1. Ellegram says:

    Thank you, Avad Fan for your outstanding consumer reporting!

  2. Lizanne says:

    I am definately NOT lucky with cell phones, so I am happy to know this! Thanks Avad Fan!

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