Everybody’s Talking . . . About Early Spring

     While I was enjoying this in southeastern Central Florida,

Spring arrived in Central Virginia.  Even the men of the house remarked on the changes after we returned.  Though the early blooms are old news by now, I can’t help but record my own findings of spring.

The peony shoots,

vinca blossoms and lily-of-the-valley pips have popped.

An iris blooms on March 26, 2012, not on April 22, 2011, as pictured here last year.

All of the dogwoods and most of the azaleas are in full glory.

Pink dogwoods always remind me of growing up in Eastern Tennessee.

Are you as fascinated by mixed pink and white dogwood trees as I am?

Now that they’ve leafed up, I am excited to see what color my hydrangeas will be this year if the deer don’t get to them first.  It’s time to get some garden sulphur, ammonium sulfate or aluminum sulfate in the soil around them as described here if there is any hope of finding some shade of blue.

But the bermuda is greening up, and the golf course out back is calling.

     Gardening or golf?  Tough choice.  Which would you prefer to do on a beautiful Spring day?

All photos by Avad Fan taken in the neighborhood (except the first one taken from our balcony in the Sandpiper Building at the very friendly Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort and Marina).


7 Comments on “Everybody’s Talking . . . About Early Spring”

  1. Ellegram says:

    I love the confirmation with the photo of the iris that spring is early indeed!

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  3. Am really missing peony season this year with the VA flower loving posse! SO much fun to have Flower Camp last year. Fleur de Vie-SW is blowing and going since I launched my website last fall. You can see what I have been up to at http://www.fleurdeviehouston.com. Have a wonderful Easter and go sniff the David Austin roses at Lewis Ginter for me! Madeleine

  4. Aunt Sue says:

    My Dear AVad….we too have had a most marvelous spring this year here in Chicagoland. We came back from HHI in mid-March and the weather shot into the 80’s for over two weeks. As a result everything started blooming…not only the daffodils and forsythia, but the tulips and the trees all started budding. Glorious white pear trees and the apple blossum, azaela and the redbud trees are still perfectly beautiful. The lilacs and the lily of the valley which usually bloom around Mother’s Day have all been in bloom for about a week now. Our problem is that now that it is mid-April, we are getting March temps now so we are hoping that we don’t have a real heavy freeze. But the sunny skies and the beautiful blooms have made for a glorious spring and Easter. We have truly been blessed this year. Love to Allll……Aunt Sue

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  6. Cassey (rhymes with Lassie) Blake says:

    Yes, I AM most fascinated by the pink AND white dogwoods together! Absolutely gorgeous. Do you know if you can buy them this way? Or do you have to mix two young trees together? Thank you! Have a Blessed Day.

    • Avad Fan says:

      It has always been my understanding that these are a fluke from the method of propagation, but I am no biologist or horticulturist. Sounds like a new market for the nursery industry.

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