LJ’sJewelBox at the Pink Palm and on Etsy

      My friend, Lizanne Jeveret, leads a colorful and creative life.  She is the original proprietor of the Pink Palm, which now consists of four Lilly Pulitzer signature shops in Virginia and Maryland.  She reigns over her mini-Lilly empire with joy and passion.  A horsewoman and dog-lover, she also cares about her community and served for many years with me on the Junior Board of Children’s Hospital.

Aren’t Lizanne’s 3 babies in the middle on the pink couch adorable?

      I have been an Avad Fan of the Pink Palm since it first opened in 2002.  Whenever I am in need of a Lilly fix, I head to the River Road Shopping Center, the first outpost of the Pink Palm.  Like me, all the ladies who work at the Pink Palm are Lilly lovers, and Courtenay never fails to help me find something in the current collection that will work for this 50 year old body.

Source: etsy.com via Alison on Pinterest

      With spring in the air, I was compelled to visit the Pink Palm over the weekend and ran into Lizanne, who fits this definition of a Lilly girl to a “t”.  We started talking about her newest passion:  her handmade jewelry.  What started as a curiosity has turned into her obsession, and she has been selling her creations in her stores.  Aware of her customers changing desires, she prices her creations very reasonably and has even begun offering them on her Etsy store, LJsJewelBox.

Don’t you love my new fabulous find?

      In store or on-line, you’ve got to check out Lizanne’s new jewelry line.


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  1. […] well as treasures from curated vendors selected by creative owner, Lizanne […]

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