Tickled Pink: Lilly Pulitzer and Pinterest

     After the (very) brief bout with winter on Sunday and Monday, it’s time to bring on Spring.  For me, nothing feels Springier than Lilly Pulitzer.  Maybe that is why I am always upping the Lilly factor in my daughter’s bedroom.

Simple curtains - dramatic effect

     Check out her (relatively) new curtains that Sheilla’s Shades (804.740.4030) made from two of Lilly Pulitzer’s king flat sheets in Monkey Trouble Hibiscus that I ordered from Garnet Hill last year.  Each sheet was the perfect width for one panel, and hanging this way gives the pattern a colorful damask look.  Now I smile every time I walk by that bedroom even though its occupant is away at college.

Avad Fan's Tickled Pink Board

      I was tickled pink when the top 10 social media site, Pinterest, sent me an email yesterday announcing that Lilly Pulitzer was following me on its super-cool and red-hot site.  Even the serious business pages are taking note of Pinterest’s astounding growth due to its user-friendly and visually-appealling platform, and smart retailers like Lilly Pulitzer are jumping on board.  What a great marketing idea for Lilly, as the company apparently began following its many followers and not just flattering me.

Lilly Pulitzer's Current Pinterest Boards

     Have you visited Pinterest yet and opened your own account?  If you don’t want to set up an account through Facebook or twitter, just request an invite by email.  It will arrive shortly.  Then you can start saving all of your favorite internet images and organizing them in any way that makes sense to you.  As the team at Pinterest likes to say, Happy Pinning!


One Comment on “Tickled Pink: Lilly Pulitzer and Pinterest”

  1. […] to college last summer, I resolved to finally get that desk painted in conjunction with having the new Lilly Pulitzer curtains made.  Well, she comes home from college for the summer in a couple of weeks, and I still […]

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