Floraspirations, Week 4: Super Bowl Flowers

     I couldn’t find any on-line inspiration pictures for Super Bowl flowers.  Even the much buzzed about and beloved site, Pinterest, failed me, so I created my own floral centerpiece for our family-friendly Super Bowl party à la the designs of The Greenhouse II.  I think it looks pretty good sitting on our astroturf tablecloth.

     Don’t you think the big orchid kind of looks like a “V” for Victory?   The tiny yellow flowers are  “twinkle” orchids that remind me of penalty flags. These babies have been a big hit in Richmond.

     Hope your favorite team wins.  I’m cheering for the commercials!

Photo by Avad Fan.


6 Comments on “Floraspirations, Week 4: Super Bowl Flowers”

  1. jennifer ball says:

    I love this!

  2. anne says:

    LOVE THIS! Thanks for posting….any photos from the 2 flower seminars you recently attended?

  3. Anne says:

    That’s amazing, Alison!!!

  4. Ellegram says:

    SUPERb job, Avad Fan

  5. Mom and Dad says:

    Loved your superball flowers–all they needed was some black bows intersperced therein, though I do know our Steelers would have had to be playing that day to inspire my suggestion. Maybe next year!!!
    XO, Mom

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