Welcome to the Blogosphere, Ellegram

     My dear friend eBf took the plunge this week and sent her first post for Ellegram out into the online universe.  Her thoughtful remarks in “Tis the Season for Thank You Notes” immediately inspired me to dig out my stationery, make my list and start writing my long-overdue words of holiday gratitude.  Any blogger who can get me out of my “stationary” position in front of the computer at 5 a.m. surely is on to something.

(Spotted yesterday at

the Shops at 5807.)

      I have known eBf for over 30 years after we met on a double date in college.  The beaus didn’t pan out, but that fraternity party marked the beginning of a lifelong friendship.  A remarkable woman of beauty, grace and practicality, eBf never ceases to impress me with her loving and spiritual substance.  I am so looking forward to her future posts on Ellegram, which will no doubt be full of sensible and creative ideas for all.

      In the meantime, let me send out this universal 

(etsy.com via Claire on Pinterest)

to each person who has read any of my sporadic posts on Avad Fan.  I get such a charge every time you click on one of them.  While I work on my New Year’s resolution to Lighten Up, I hope to bring you more fabulous finds this year that will provide just the spark you need much like Ellegram’s first post has motivated me.


5 Comments on “Welcome to the Blogosphere, Ellegram”

  1. anne says:

    So how do we access Ellegram??

  2. SK says:

    Love your blog avadfan!! Happy to begin 2012 with some fun reading courtesy of your efforts. You and Ellegram have inspired me so now my wheels are turning and I may try a blog again. I wrote one years ago but not many followers…..those were the days when too many folks were wondering what a blog was! Maybe it’s time to write again. Sure do enjoy yours!

    • avadfan says:

      Thanks for you comment, SK. Like Ellegram, I’ve no doubt that your unique voice would make for inspiring reading. Please send me the link when you get your blogging back on.

  3. Mom and Dad says:

    Hi Darling oldest daughter of ours,
    We hope your trip to and from Clemson was easy and uneventful. Hope Hilary was happy to be back on campus. Too bad she’ll miss the celebratiion to mark your entrance to a new decade in your life. It is a good time for us to rev up memories of you as a young one and they are some of our happiest, not that memories of you throughout these many years haven’t been precious to us too. We love you Avad Fan, and your family too! Countdown: three, two, one and here is Monday, January 16th and there is a national holiday, but not in your honor we are sorry to say. We wish you a wonderful day and year!!!!! We love you sooo much!!!!
    XO, Mom and Dad

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