Lighten Up!

     Happy 2012!  I am not sure where 2011 went, but I think that I might miss it a little.  I have had a bit of time to reflect on the past year as I have been trying to learn my new iMac (my big and long-overdue Christmas gift) and some of the design apps.  While most of my thoughts have focused on milestones, family and time spent with friends, I also ruminated on Avad Fan.

     2011 was definitely the year of the blog.  While Avad Fan didn’t begin until April, it really helped open up my eyes as it provided a creative outlet, a unique way to communicate with friends and an avenue for inspiration.  Thank you so much for all of your support.  You cannot imagine the lift I get from each kind word in your comments or even when you spend a brief moment to hit the “Like” button.

     As the new year takes hold, my mantra will be

While this has been my resolution for the last couple of years (and has even been written on a wall here at home), I have for the most part just paid it lip-service.  I really want to embrace it, and perhaps by verbalizing it here on Avad Fan I will be more likely to actualize its many permutations.

     This is not an original idea.  Another blogger, whom regrettably I can no longer recall, recommended it, but the idea immediately resonated with me.  It can be applied to so many aspects of life from diet to clutter to attitudes toward loved ones.  I also need to apply it to my desire for perfection which of course always comes up way short but nevertheless causes me much consternation.  The succinctness of these two words is also so fitting following the Christmas holiday and the annual remembrance that Jesus is the light of our world and that I need to follow his light and in the process try to help lighten up the load of others.

     With the big half-century mark fast approaching, I am going to need constant reminders to lighten up.  A big dose of laughter will be required as well.  So as I face the inevitable, let’s lighten up and laugh together.  I’d sure appreciate your company.


6 Comments on “Lighten Up!”

  1. Mom and Dad says:

    I would love to have your scone recipe as we so enjoyed them at Christmas.
    Thanks again for a wonderful holiday!!! Love you, Mom

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  4. […] them, but I do take a walk down memory lane with each box opened.  Like everything else, I should lighten up and let many of these go to Goodwill, but then will the memories of Christmases past go with them, […]

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