Five Gifts of Christmas for Family & Friends: Part 1

     My favorite part of Christmas is giving gifts to family and friends.  For me, there is nothing more wonderful than seeing someone’s face light up as she opens a present that truly tickles her fancy.  While my more industrious buddies get their houses decorated and throw fabulous parties, I spend a lot of my Advent season trying to figure out to whom we will be giving what.

     The kids are always tricky as I try to balance out costs and numbers and wants and needs.  The Hub is never easy because he inevitably will go shopping a month and a half before Christmas to get for himself whatever he may want, and he is a man of few needs.  Choosing for other family and friends, though, is much more fun as I try to match my own loves with their personalities.  I thought I’d share with you in this quick Week before Christmas Series some of my favorite gifts this year.

     First up, is a seasonal yet always appropriate orchid arrangement from The Greenhouse II.  Last summer I wrote here about this treasure in the heart of the Libbie/Grove/Patterson shopping district and how I try to emulate their looks in my home.

(my most recent recreation)

I just can’t get enough of their living designs, which will be well-received by even the most-finicky relative.

     These arrangements are generally most appropriate for locals as transporting orchids in chilly weather can be a little stressful.  Trust me, I did that last weekend for beloved out-of-state family.  I am now keeping my fingers crossed that the blossoms will still be on the plant come New Year’s Day.

     Fortunately there is still a bit of time left to have The Greenhouse II designers create something beautiful for your special someone (plus they will deliver).  The Hub’s secretary will be receiving this one.

After years of rather impersonal (though nice) picture frames, I felt it was time to step it up while still remaining professional.  A lovely woman who has been with the Hub for almost as long as I have, she truly deserves something fabulous.

     Sure hope she loves it as much as I do.

All photos by Avad Fan.


Please let me know what you think about this post or if you want to share any of your Fabulous Finds.

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