Support Small Business Saturday: Shop at Tinkers, a Local Richmond Favorite


     Forget Black Friday.  Small Business Saturday is almost here.  I am so glad to see people rallying around the small merchants who are the backbone of our country.  As an Avad Fan of all things fabulous and unique, I applaud this movement and cannot wait to see the results.

     My Saturday will be filled with an important football game, so there will be no shopping for me.  I got an early start on my small business shopping, though, at one of my favorite shops in town, Tinkers.  Whether for the holidays or any time, I can always count on Tinkers (conveniently located on the other side of Broad from Malvern Avenue at 2409 Westwood Avenue) to find unique gifts and home furnishings and accessories.

     Right now the store is totally decked out in colorful and whimsical displays.  Always a happy place to shop, during the holidays, you can’t help but put a smile on your face when you walk in the front door.  Plan to make at least two rounds of the premises because you cannot possible see everything in one go-round.

     I picked up a few Christmas gifties, including a couple of packs of LoveLines notecards.  I’ll be thinking about a few bigger pieces over the next few days and hope that they will still be there when I return.  Do you see anything in these blurry photos (still learning my new 4s iphone) that you can’t resist?  Look closely, then do stop by.  The ladies at Tinkers would love to see you, and you will definitely feel good about your purchases from this


local business.

Crazy for this chandelier.


All photos taken by Avad Fan at Tinkers.


Please let me know what you think about this post or if you want to share any of your Fabulous Finds.

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