Baking Memories: Southern Lady’s Beautiful Carrot Cake Revisited

     Our first-born turned 20 yesterday.  So many cliches have been running through my mind as I vividly recall the details and joy surrounding her arrival in the world two decades ago.  The fleetingness of time becomes so apparent and often leaves me feeling powerless when we annually mark this milestone.

     We actually celebrated her special day when she was home for Fall Break the other week.  It is not a birthday around here without a Ukrops’ poundcake in buttercream frosting, and this one was no exception.

Thank goodness we can still get a Ukrops poundcake from Martin’s.


     In contemplating these last 20 years, I couldn’t help but remember her first birthday party when she was decked out in her bunny Halloween costume and carrot cake (without nuts) was the obvious choice to hold the candle.  The memories moved me to whip another carrot cake up yesterday.  Of course, I followed the recipe from one of Avad Fan’s most popular posts, Southern Lady’s Beautiful Carrot Cake

     Baked in a tube pan, this one may not have been quite as beautiful as the one I made for Easter, but it was a bit easier.  The only changes to this version were extending the oven time to 1 hour and 10 minutes (at the same 350°) and cutting the frosting ingredients in half.  Otherwise, it is just as delicious.

     Baking this cake felt like building a yummy, temporary bridge back to those golden baby days.  The whole process of creating it was a productive way for me to remember our daughter’s arrival in this world without wallowing in the speed of time.  Are you, too, sometimes moved to take action and whip up memories in the kitchen?

All photos by Avad Fan.


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