“atlantic embroidery Works” for Me, plus an Amy Butler Trunk Show

I am crazy for monograms.  Maybe it’s my font fetish, or maybe it’s just a Southern thing.  Either way all of my bath towels have monograms, and I love to give gifts that are personalized with a unique monogram design.  Monograms never go out of style, and the creative possibilities with monogramming are endless.

Dorm curtains in Lilly Pulitzer's "Jungle Orchid"

towel proof

Monograms can be very practical, especially when someone is heading to communal living at college.  Before my daughter headed off this fall, she was supplied with a small arsenal of freshly monogrammed towels color-coordinated with her dorm room bedding.  Once we picked the towels at Bed, Bath & Beyond, I headed straight to atlantic embroidery Works (yes, the spelling is right) for the personalization.

If my memory serves me correctly (and now that it is close to the half-century mark, it may be a little off), I first encountered aeW several years ago after I purchased a custom-designed monogram that the new business had contributed to a silent auction.  Little did I know that this purchase would be the the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

When I first walked into aeW and began looking at its impressive array of fonts (check the selection out here), I felt just like a kid in a candy shop.  The choices really were overwhelming, but aeW’s delightful designer, Niky Davis, walked me through the custom process step-by-step.  We analyzed each letter to be used in the monogram, and I told her what I liked and didn’t like about each of the letters in many different font styles.  Then Niky hit the books.  After much digging and designing, she devised the perfect monogram to fit our tudor-style home.  Now every time I need to personalize household towels or bedding, I just bring the items to Niky, and all we have to do is choose the color thread and the size.

      I still get to play with all of the fonts that aeW showcases when I am choosing personalization for gifts.  Niky and owner, Craig Mayhew, also make it easy when I am not sure what to give.  Their store is full of great home and personal items that can easily be monogrammed, and the price on their items includes the monogramming.

     This week, aeW is hosting a special trunk show of Amy Butler gifts for yourself or others.  Starting with a Girls’ Night Out from 4-7 p.m. on Wednesday, October 12th, you can see over 80 pieces of the Amy Butler travel and fashion line just waiting for aeW personalization.  These bright, colorful pieces have been brightening the aeW’s showroom located upstairs at the Village Shopping Center (7027 Three Chopt Road, Suite 201, Richmond, VA 23226) for over a year, and I’ve been looking for the right occasion to buy one.  With the new styles colors in the Amy Butler catalog, I think that I have identified the perfect recipient (or two).  Bonus:  as part of the trunk show, all Amy Butler items purchased at aeW Wednesday night will be 15% off, and Thursday through Saturday they will be 10% off.

I can’t think of a better reason to stop by aeW, visit Niky and knock out some of my birthday and holiday gift-buyingHope I’ll see you there.


One Comment on ““atlantic embroidery Works” for Me, plus an Amy Butler Trunk Show”

  1. ellenbuoyer says:

    Thank you for promoting the monogram! I have been an Avad Fan of monograms ever since I can remember. I LOVE the two-color monogram proof for the towels…perfect! Also, thank you for highlighting the need to look at all letters in a particular font, because not all letters in a particular alphabet set are suited to work together in a monogram. That is the most important step in selecting one’s monogram.

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