Missoni Fever Hits Richmond

     After a beautiful morning of golf, I got to Target with my playing partners yesterday around 1:00 p.m.  On the way over I remembered that it was launch day at Target for the unique clothing, accessories and household designs of the venerable Italian fashion house, Missoni.  By the time we walked through the Libbie Place doors, the stylish stock was completely picked over.

     An hour later, the Forest Hill store had even less left.  Trying to score anything on-line is just as hard.  In fact Target has such an on-line demand, I have had to wait in line to get on its website, which apparently crashed at some point from the demand.  The real gems are sold out and unlikely to be restocked anywhere according to the Chicago Tribune.

     I can’t believe that I managed to cobble together this melamine service for 8.  It will be so fun to use this fall and will add a very modern touch to my black and white kitchen.  I’ve got a couple of special occasions in mind.

      Yes, Target did a lot to hype this launch and got the blog world abuzz.  The public responded, though, because Target delivered great design at affordable prices.  That’s what this Avad Fan is always seeking, and I appear to have a lot of company.  Retailers, take note.  The economy can use this kind of fever.


Please let me know what you think about this post or if you want to share any of your Fabulous Finds.

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