A New Normal

(With apologies to Bob Seger)

Woke this morning to another rumble.
How far off I didn’t need to wonder.
Starting humming this song about Mother Nature’s blues.
Ain’t it funny how the earth moves?

Happy September 1!  My world has definitely been rocked this past month.  Surprisingly the shake-up didn’t start during our eye-opening family California vacation to the Monterey Peninsula.  That trip proved to be the calm before the storms.

The first storm began as soon as we touched back down in Richmond.  With four days to get my daughter ready to go to college, I was definitely living in a whirlwind that felt like a tornado.  Fortunately, the final ride was pretty smooth, and she is as happy as a clam in South Carolina.

Less than 15 hours after returning from move in and orientation, my world, along with the rest of the East Coast, was literally rocked.  With the epicenter just 20 miles from our home in the West End, we are continuing to feel the aftershocks.  Mother Nature seems to be parroting my own separation tremors.

Then as the random rumbles continued, Irene blows in, along with my sister and her family.  Can’t tell you how much deja vú I, as well as my sister, brother-in-law and so many of our friends, felt comparing this storm to 2003’s Isabelle.  Fortunately, my family’s power outage was short-lived versus 2003, but that has not been the case for many of my friends who are still in the dark.  We learned some lessons from Isabelle, but you can still never be fully prepared for a hurricane’s eerie wrath.

Surprisingly we escaped any problems with Irene considering all of the tall trees that surround our home.  We did, however, discover some hurricane damage.  Fortunately it is fixable, but it just serves as another reminder that nature is so much more powerful than we are.

     And so I welcome the start of school today.  Though it is a day delayed, I am hopeful that a new year and a new routine will give me some sense of control in my half-empty nest.  After waking to the aftershock, I was glad to get up and get back into the kitchen.  Baked Omelet was the perfect way to kick off this school year.  An oldie but goodie, ain’t it funny how a home cooked breakfast can put you on the right track, especially with Autumn closing in?



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