When in Raleigh, Discover Palm Avenue at Cameron Village

My good friends know that I am an Avad Fan of all things Lilly.  As in Pulitzer.  Her colors are all my favorite colors.  If my body and my checkbook allowed, I would always be decked out in her fashions that I usually pick up at our local West End Lilly Pulitzer signature shop, The Pink Palm, owned by my friend, Lizanne Jeverett.

I’ve been lucky to have a daughter who shares my love for Lilly.  For many years her bedroom has been an homage to Lilly Pulitzer.  Now I have discovered a place that could turn my whole home into Lilly-world.

     I stumbled on my fantasy store while introducing a friend to the delights of Cameron Village.  Located just a few blocks from the N.C. State campus, Cameron Village has been a Raleigh shopping destination since 1949.  It is filled with appealing boutiques featuring fashions that a coed can afford.  Nothing in Richmond compares to this unique shopping experience, and I was so looking forward to returning this past weekend.

     After showing my friend some of the boutiques that I remembered from my visit last year, we wandered into the “new” Lilly store that I had heard mentioned.  My jaw literally dropped open when we found ourselves amidst the most amazing eye candy.  Palm Avenue is the first Lilly Pulitzer Lifestyle store in the country.  The home furnishings are beyond fabulous.  I’ll let the pictures that I took with my Blackberry speak for themselves.

     Furniture, accessories, fabrics and rugs in all of their Palm Beach glory:  what more could a girl want?  Palm Avenue contained so many delights that I am sure I didn’t see everything in the room vignettes.  The store set-up should really help customers visualize Lilly Pulitzer living in their homes.  The prices, while no bargain, were in-line with other high quality furnishing lines.

     Palm Avenue was one of the happiest stores that I have ever entered.  Like everyone whom I have met in and from Raleigh, the charming salesladies bent over backwards to be of assistance.  I wish that I could buy one of everything and do my house over top to bottom in Lilly (that probably wouldn’t go over too well with the Hub or my son, but a girl can always dream).

I truly felt at home in Palm Avenue.  If you ever get the chance to visit Raleigh, you’ve got to set aside a chunk of time to spend at Cameron Village.  Check out all of the boutiques, and let your Lilly dreams come to life at Palm Avenue.

All Blackberry photos by Avad Fan.


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