Art Finds at the West End Antiques Mall

     I am an Avad Fan of the West End Antiques Mall.  It’s a great place to spend several hours exploring its many booths filled with vintage and antique finds when it’s too hot, too cold or too rainy to be outdoors.  I hadn’t stopped by this sprawling location in an old strip shopping center on Staples Mill Road just north of Broad Street for quite some time, but the current heat and humidity gave me an excuse to spend some time indoors.

     The aisles were packed with even more goods than the last time I visited.   Apparently several of the former vendors of the now defunct Willow Place Antiques Gallery have decamped to the WEAM.  Willow Place was the perfect size for a relatively quick browse of its lovely inventory, so I was sad to learn that the Gallery had closed its doors.

     As I wandered the aisles of the WEAM, several pieces of art featuring colorful outdoor scenes really caught my eye.  I had to return the next day to take some photos and discovered that at least two of the fetching pieces were already gone.  Fortunately others remain that have captured my fancy but maybe not for long.

      No doubt the oldest of the pieces that appealed to me, the sunlight on the water brightens up the whole picture.

     Water views just make me happy, and this unframed one is a real deal.

     This modern watercolor by Lindsay Jessee is simple yet stunning and beautifully framed.  My photo does not do it justice.

     Though I’m not much of a horse woman, the colors and movement on this painting are mesmerizing.  I’d love to find a place for it in my home.

     The hues of this oil are gorgeous.  It would work wonderfully in my family room.

     This soothing work and the two pieces above it were all created by a Rumanian-American artist named Dumitru Danielopol (1905-1982).  The son of a Rumanian ambassador to the United States who was forced to follow in the family business and become a lawyer, Dumitru managed to find some time to develop his alluring style with oils.  They seem to reach out from the canvas and lure you into the scene depicted.

     The last thing that I need to be doing right now is buying art, but I still can enjoy the pleasures of discovering some beautiful pieces.  If you are in the market and looking for some good deals, you’ve got to stop by the WEAM.  Even if you don’t purchase anything, you’ll find an enjoyable refuge from the heat.

All photos by Avad Fan.


4 Comments on “Art Finds at the West End Antiques Mall”

  1. randy says:

    like to who wrote the article on art by dumitru danielopol. also if the artwork was still availible. thanks

    • avadfan says:

      I finally got back by the WEAM last week. The horse race painting is still there. I had bought the second painting, and I did not see the third one, but my search was not exhaustive.

  2. Sandy says:

    I’m the West End dealer with the Dumitru Danielopol paintings. I have a connection to the French family that inherited his personal collection of his own work. I’ve been buying a few at a time. I have a few at West End and some at home that I haven’t brought in yet. There are a couple in there now that were not in there last fall. The information that I put with the paintings of his that I sell came from a brochure/article that was published in the 1960’s about him. There was a list of his many clients – many of them well known, including President Johnson, The Shah of Iran, and a lot of well known people back in the day when he was selling his art. I got some fabulous art for reasonable prices so I can sell it for a lot less than he was selling it for in the 60’s. I also sell a lot of other art mixed in with other antiques.

    • Avad Fan says:

      Thank you so much for the information, Sandy. I now have two of his paintings framed in my home, and I really love them. I will pass this information on to one of my readers who was particularly interested, as he may not see this comment. I’ve been planning a trip back to WEAM. I always love your booths.

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