Hanover Tomato Blogfest

     In honor of the Hanover Tomato Festival this weekend, I am planning to devote a week to my favorite local tomato.  No doubt my mother will laugh when she reads this after all the years of my childhood when the only tomatoes that I would willing eat were in a bottle of Heinz ketchup or pizza and spaghetti sauce.  Those were my deprived years before I moved to Richmond and had the chance to taste a freshly picked local tomato.  Now my heart skips a beat when I see the first sign of the season.

     While that picture was taken the beginning of June, my own tomato plants are just now showing some baby green fruit.

Not much can grow in my river rock soil no matter how I try to amend it.  Fortunately that is not the case for the fields of Hanover County (just north of Richmond) which produce plenty of juicy tomatoes to keep Richmond residents happy all summer long.  I am not sure what is in the Hanover soil, but those farmers have been blessed with some divine nutrient.

     If I make it to the Festival with the estimated 40,000 other attendees, I hope to discover the secret to growing these revered orbs.  Even if I don’t find my way out of the West End to Pole Green Park, I am looking forward to sharing some simple and delicious ways to enjoy Hanover’s finest on Avad Fan.  I’d love to hear your favorite ways to enjoy fresh picked tomatoes.


7 Comments on “Hanover Tomato Blogfest”

  1. Sheelah Katz says:

    Favorite way to eat Hanovers: Sliced thickly and placed on a lightly salted rice cake spread with just a touch of mayo. Season tomato with “herbamare” seasoning. Maybe add sprouts or avocado but this is a great lunch with just the tomato. We like to shop for tomatoes that will slice to be exactly the size of a regular rice cake.

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