Have Boat, Will Travel: Part 1

     Now that we have our new Chaparral, we are taking her on the road.  Despite the lack of trailering experience, we set off with her to the Rivah for some Fourth of July fun.  You have to really think about driving when you are pulling an extra almost two tons behind you.  Because I can’t even cut a straight line, there was no way we were going to attempt to pull a boat across the high and very narrow White Stone Bridge, which is intimidating even in the best of conditions, so we added an extra hour to our trip each way in order to cross the wider and lower Rappahannock Bridge in Tappahannock.  The scenic drive through small towns on the Northern Neck was our bonus for taking the long way, and with the additional road hours, we now consider ourselves seasoned boat haulers.

View from hammock to the Rappahannock

     The time and effort to get to the Rivah with the boat was definitely worth it.  Once we arrived at the Bs, we took full advantage of everything that the Rivah has to offer.  For Richmonders, part of that includes seeing hometown friends, old and new.  This July 4th weekend served up a series of family parties and get-togethers, starting with the house party at the Bs. 

Saturday afternoon social overlooking Little Bay

     Having our boat in tow allowed us to do some hosting of our own.  The Hub was able to entertain our host and fellow houseguest dad (both of whom have a lot boating expertise) and kids with tubing and skiing on Little Bay while gaining some valuable captaining experience.  He also got some big water exposure taking our new baby around Windmill Point and up the Rappahannock as we cruised with friends to Weems and Carter’s Creek, admiring the beautiful homes and dockscapes along the way.

Little Bay looking northeast to the Chesapeake Bay

     From the festive gatherings to the small-town Fourth of July parade in Irvington to the beautiful 4th of July Sizzling or Fizzling evening celebration, this holiday weekend was classic Norman Rockwell with some modern twists.  Taking the new boat out on the water added the perfect touch.  We didn’t even need real fireworks as Mother Nature delivered quite a timely light show of her own.

Lady Liberty on wheels at the Irvington Fourth of July Parade

     The lure of the Rivah is mighty strong.  With our new travelling companion, we were finally able to fully immerse ourselves in and appreciate the laid-back Rivah culture.  No wonder so many Richmonders are drawn to this lifestyle.  How fortunate our family was to be included in it for such a festive Fourth.

Happy Birthday, America float in the Irvington Parade

     A big thank you to all of our hosts!
All photos by Avad Fan.

3 Comments on “Have Boat, Will Travel: Part 1”

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