Let the Boating Adventures Begin

     This weekend we took delivery of our new baby,

a 2011 Chaparral 206 ssi.

Just like brand new parents, we are completely out of our comfort zone but filled with excitement and anticipation of what she will bring to our lives.  After hours of oooohing, aaaahing and fussing with her over the weekend, we were exhausted but proud of ourselves for keeping her afloat and unharmed.

     Instead of a stork, she was delivered by Bruce Simmons of Nautical Marine.  Recommended by friends who had a similar arrival last summer, Bruce has assured us that we will be good owners.  Truly concerned that our relationship with our Chaparral gets off to a great start, he spent hours with us on Saturday explaining every point of the boat and its trailer.  Like our son with his learner’s permit, we received a lot of behind the wheel training before Bruce let us set out on our own.  Though his cell phone number is now programmed into my phone, I only had to call him once after his departure, and he checked in yesterday to be sure that we had survived with our new one.
     While we are fortunate to have a location right around the corner on the Upper James River to store and put in our little vessel, we are looking forward to exploring all of the beautiful waterways within a couple of hours drive of Richmond as we give our children the opportunity for some new fun.  Viewing the world from the water provides such a different perspective, and we are excited to experience new vistas that are really in our own backyard.  I hope to share some of our boating adventures and discoveries with you as our family takes the plunge into the nautical realm.
     Stay tuned.
All photos by Avad Fan.

5 Comments on “Let the Boating Adventures Begin”

  1. Laura Richardson says:

    I am so excited for all of you! I know you are going to have so much fun!

  2. Julie Cole says:

    Wow!!!! So excited for you!!!!

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