Mojito Mommas

     The other night was GNO (Girls’ Night Out), but really it was GNI at S’s lovely and inviting home.  I had been looking forward to this evening for weeks.  With my boy out-of-town, I knew that I could stay out late with girlfriends and sleep in.  Such a treat after months of 4 a.m. wake-up calls.  GNO turned out to be every bit as fun, relaxing and delicious as anticipated.

     When friends began divvying up the menu that would feature Island Pork Tenderloin Salad, I knew immediately the perfect starter for our mid-summer GNO:  Mojitos!  Rum, limes and mint poured over crushed ice would create the ultimate balance to a sultry Richmond evening.  I scanned the on-line recipes in search of the proper proportion of ingredients for a dozen thirsty mommas.

     First up, the mint.  My own harvest looked better than what I saw at the stores.  The recipes I perused called for lots of mint leaves per drink, so I culled a huge handful from my pot.

     After rinsing and drying the leaves, I threw them into a large glass pitcher, along with a cleaned and quartered lime.  With my wooden muddle stick, I mashed the leaves together with the juice and peel of the lime.  After that, concocting the rest of the drink was a breeze.

     Normally I would make my own simple sugar and hand-squeeze limes, but I stumbled upon these at Martin’s and sampled them the night before.  The Stirring’s Simple Syrup and Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice tasted great in my test mojito.  Saving a lot of time, I simply poured 12 ounces of each into the glass pitcher, and off to S’s we went.  Upon arrival, I added a fifth (750 ml) of rum to the pitcher.

    S had the ideal chalice for the mojitos:  her grandmother’s crystal sherbet cups.  What a clever use for a dated object.  To these cups, I added crushed ice that the nice produce man at Whole Foods kindly gave me when I inquired.  Just top the ice with a lime slice and pour the rum mixture over it to at least half-full (depending on how strong you want it), then fill the remainder of the glass with chilled club soda.

Not too tart. Not too sweet. Just right.

     Cheers!  Thanks for hosting such a wonderful evening, S!  It sure lived up to its billing and couldn’t have been a better kick-off to official summer.

Hope this mojito method gets your summer off to a cool and festive start.


All photos by Avad Fan.


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