Stony Point is My Fashion Park

     I love visiting Stony Point Fashion Park.  Though not far from our home, the trip across the James River to get there feels like an adventure for a West Ender.  Having survived its opening on that infamous September day in 2003 when Hurricane Isabelle roared through Richmond leaving a path of destruction in her wake, Stony Point has remained an inviting open-air experience that still seems to be thriving despite the churlish economy.  I am always eager to go hunting for fabulous finds throughout this ever-evolving pedestrian setting filled mostly with stores and restaurants that you can’t find anywhere else in Richmond.

     My schedule usually only allows for quick dashes over to Stony Point to pick up make-up at Saks Fifth Avenue or grab the latest athletic gear for my son at Dick’s, which is housed in one of the most beautiful sporting goods stores that you could ever imagine (it was originally built as a Galyan’s).  With all of the graduation planning and other end-of-school year activities, I have not had a chance to spend any time at Stony Point this beautiful spring.  I hadn’t even realized this until an out-of-town friend began raving about the great variety of new merchandise, as well as sale items, that she had found in Anthropologie when she visited with her daughters the other week.

Hyacinth Afternoon Shift

     Piqued by her recommendation, I managed to squeeze in a bit of time before graduation to venture across the river to see if anything at Anthropologie might work for me.  I really wanted something wonderful to wear for our Graduation Celebration.  While Anthropologie’s latest designs are always intriguing, they are often hit or miss for women of a certain age (and body shape) like me.

     I could not have been more delighted as I walked through the store.  By the time I had completed a full tour, I had a large dressing room full of fun clothes to try.  Amazingly, several items actually worked, and I had a tough decision between two dresses for the party.  I finally selected this lady-like yet modern one thinking that I will be able to use it a lot more than the filmier other choice.

     While Anthropologie now seems to be everywhere, I still love the feeling of walking out of its old loft-like stores with something new and a little offbeat.  Ever since I walked into its Soho flagship before the brand had spread throughout the country, its retro yet fresh styling has appealed to me.  When Anthropologie arrived in little ol’ Richmond for Stony Point’s opening, I felt as though we had won the lottery.  My friends in Atlanta didn’t even have an Anthropologie store.

     Walking out of Anthropologie last week with my new dress, along with two new shirts, I was feeling fine.  Then I glanced across the way, and what did I see?  Look what little ol’ Richmond is getting next.

Tiffany & Co.'s first Richmond area store is opening in the fall.

Just one more reason to love Stony Point Fashion Park and keep coming back!


3 Comments on “Stony Point is My Fashion Park”

  1. jennifer b says:

    You looked wonderful in the dress! I love Anthropologie also!

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  3. […] Stony Point is My Fashion Park […]

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