Lovin’ LoveLines

     Now that the graduation activities are over, it’s thank you note time.  With so many kind and generous friends and family, my daughter has got her work cut out for her over the next couple of days.  Fortunately, she has the perfect notecards for the job.

   Do you know LoveLines?  Created by local middle schooler, Annie Ward Love, her original LoveLines designs are eye-catching and have garnered a lot of attention.  In Annie Ward’s words,

Here are some of her sassy ladies on last year’s calendar.

     Annie Ward and her mom, whom I have known for years, have worked hard to get this line of products out to the public.  They have appeared at lots of fundraiser markets, and now you can find LoveLines at the specialty stores listed hereContact LoveLines if you would like a design customized.  Annie Ward will often change a hair color for her customers.

     Her hard work recently netted a big payout.  In May, following an on-line contest, Annie Ward was named the Grand Prize Winner of the 2011 Pier 1 Imports/UNICEF Greeting Card Contest for this fabulous design.

The card will be sold at Pier 1 stores throughout the country this holiday season with 100% of the proceeds going to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, whose mission is to eliminate childhood mortality from preventable diseases throughout the world.

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/13/2011

     What an amazing accomplishment for this talented and beautiful young woman who will just be entering Freeman High School as a freshman in the fall.  Congratulations, Annie Ward!  Your charming designs definitely make our spirits bright!


3 Comments on “Lovin’ LoveLines”

  1. Dial Love says:

    Just came across this awesome article about Love Lines….Of course I am the artists biggest fan,,,,her mom…..what I don’t know is who wrote this. Please reveal yourself to Annie Ward and I at lovelinesart@gmail.com. We’ d like to thank you.
    We love your kind words and encourgement to others to chek us out.

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  3. […] I picked up a few Christmas gifties, including a couple of packs of LoveLines notecards.  I’ll be thinking about a few bigger pieces over the next few days and hope that […]

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