Celebrating with Help from The Coordinated Event

     People tried to warn me last year.  The signs were all around.  I had a vague awareness, but I refused to accept it.  Be prepared:  High school graduation is crazy busy!

     For months I knew that I wanted to have a graduation party for my daughter and her terrific teachers, but when the graduation schedule arrived, I just couldn’t get my head around it and did my usual ostrich act.  Not until I attended some local graduations followed by lovely parties over Memorial Day weekend did I finally lift my head out of the sand and start making a plan.  Figuring out a date was the hardest part, and once I finally had a possibility, I made the most important phone call for the party, to Bobby Spivey at The Coordinated Event.

     Bobby showed up at our house last year when we were hosting a neighborhood party.  Another neighbor, Mary, had organized the evening, and we just had to open up our house (I love those kinds of parties 🙂 ).  Mary has used Bobby and his company for years, and they have become great friends.  By the end of our neighborhood party, it felt like Bobby was our new best friend, and I swore that I would never again host a party for more than 10 people without the help of The Coordinated Event.  Looking at the website for the company, which provides staffing and planning services for Richmond area events, large and small, you will see a client list that includes some of the biggest names in the city.

     For our Graduation Celebration, the cocktail hour menu was not difficult.  The finger foods just needed to be substantial enough to provide a meal for our guests if they so desired.  The combination of homemade and store-bought all came together nicely (thanks, Mom).

  • Herbed Beef Tenderloin (roasted, sliced and refrigerated the morning of the party) with assorted rolls
  • Jumbo shrimp (boiled just until pink in Old Bay seasoning then chilled while the beef was cooking)
  • a Mexican cheesecake (an old favorite from the Junior League of Richmond’s Virginia Fare cookbook that I had made earlier in the week and frozen)
  • a large veggie tray from a local grocer
  • a large platter of chicken nuggets from everyone’s favorite, Chick-fil-A
  • assorted cheeses
  • black-bottom mini-cupcakes contributed by my friend, J
  • beautiful cake from The Mixing Bowl

    My friend, A, the floral designer, had ordered several dozen hydrangeas from Claymore Seikh that were easily arranged throughout my home.  They looked great with the paper products picked up on my trip to Caspari in Charlottesville.  Finally, Party Perfect delivered a couple of tables with garden chairs and purple tablecloths to set up outside, as well as plenty of their all-purpose goblets for drinks.

     An hour before the party began, Susan from The Coordinated Event arrived.  It turned out that she had worked another party at our house a few years ago for my husband’s firm.  I was thrilled to see her again.  Like Bobby, Susan is hard-working and absolutely delightful.  She’s been with The Coordinated Event for many years and, as a result, knew several of our guests.  She had even worked a Thanksgiving for some friends who live around the corner.

Susan of The Coordinated Event setting up the bar

     With Susan in the house, I knew that the party was in good hands and that I could enjoy our guests and the evening.  A host just can’t do that without great help.  Even though a heavy downpour washed out the outdoor plans for the evening, the party was still a huge success.  My daughter was surrounded by her beloved teachers, friends and family, and she was in her element meeting, greeting and visiting with all.

     As the party began to wind down, Susan started cleaning up.  By the time she left, about all that I had to do was put clean serving pieces away and pay her.  The Coordinated Events rates are reasonable and worth every single penny.

     My friend K told me that I would regret not celebrating my daughter’s graduation with a party.  As always, K was right.  High school graduation really is one of life’s major milestones, and thanks to the professional help of The Coordinated Event, we were able to enjoy our daughter’s passage through it with ease and in style.


4 Comments on “Celebrating with Help from The Coordinated Event”

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  2. Anne says:

    Alison — you did those hydrangeas proud!!!

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