Road Trip to Caspari

My friend J and I found a few hours the other day to squeeze in a quick road trip to Charlottesville.  Only 70 miles from Richmond, this sophisticated town seems a world away from the West End.  Our destination wasn’t Mr. Jefferson’s University.  Rather we were headed to Charlottesville’s Historic Downtown Mall, a tree-lined shopping, dining and entertainment venue on the pedestrian-only old Main Street in the heart of downtown.

     Having arrived before the stores opened, we had the chance to enjoy coffee al fresco.  We treasured the few minutes of calm in our otherwise hectic lives (with three kids, J’s life is even crazier than mine).  We really could have lingered here all morning,

but our shopping destination opened at 10 a.m.  As a woman on a mission, I had to drag myself from this respite.

It really didn’t take much effort because this was beckoning


Caspari, the famed paper purveyors, has one of its two retail stores in this tiny metropolis.  My friend K tells me that the Charlottesville version is as beautiful as the flagship store in Paris.

Truly one of the most attractive stores that I can recall encountering in a long time, Caspari sells more than just its eponymous paper products.

Just look at those beautiful pots.

I’d like to take home one of everything,

especially this heavy metal chinoiserie seating group.

It’s so hard not to get distracted by the beauty and unique products all around.  I had to make a complete tour of this stunning space before I could get down to business:  finding appropriate paper products for the graduation celebration that I am hosting in honor of my daughter and her teachers next week.

I had a general idea of what I wanted, and fortunately Caspari had a collection that fit the bill.  The size of their plates and napkins collection alone is remarkable.  With the help of Caspari’s friendly salespeople, I was able to leave with exactly what I needed, including a couple of graduation gifts.

     As we were checking out, our sales assistant told us about the store’s upcoming sale running June 23 through the beginning of July.  Much like a warehouse sale, Caspari will be bringing in older collections, and some of its vendors will be offering special items.  Now I’ve got a reason to return sooner rather than later.  Maybe I’ll see you there.

All photos by Avad Fan.


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