Let the Graduation Exercises Commence

     Today marks the beginning of high school graduation season here in Richmond.  While I have a beautiful niece in Nashville who graduated from her high school last week, I am just now getting in the spirit for this emotional time.  (I really do need to find a pretty hanky.)   With one ceremony today and one tomorrow, each followed by a luncheon, I am looking forward to savoring this joyful time for so many of my friends’ accomplished children as I anticipate my own daughter’s graduation in mid-June.

     I feel especially ready to capture and remember all of the upcoming special moments because I just got my new camera!  Yeah!  My husband took the hint after reading through my blog.  The pictures here are proof enough that I have been in need of something better than my Canon PowerShot, which has served me well with its convenience.  It just cannot get the sports shoots, faraway moments (especially for my daughter’s graduation at VCU’s cavernous Siegel Center) or really upclose images that I have often wished that I could feature on these pages.

taken with my old camera

     I have done my research, as well as listened to my daughter’s photography teacher.  He hands down recommended the Canon Rebel.  There are different versions of the Rebel.  I settled on the new T3, which I found in this Deluxe Kit at BJs.  With two lenses, the kit saves hundreds of dollars compared to the individual pieces being purchased on Amazon.  I am so excited!  I cannot wait to use it starting this weekend at graduations and my nephew’s First Communion if I can only figure out the electronics ;-).

     As the Class of 2011 begins to transition to adult life, I leave them with this advice that Anderson Cooper received from his mother, the inimitable Gloria Vanderbilt:  Follow Your Bliss!  Anderson told us about this advice back in February when my husband and I had the distinct pleasure of having dinner with him before the Richmond Forum.  He also included this pithy recommendation in his thought-provoking book, Dispatches from the EdgeThese simple words have struck us both, and I think that it provides a wonderful mantra for graduates, as well as anyone seeking more from life.

Oh, thank heaven for 20-Eleven!


3 Comments on “Let the Graduation Exercises Commence”

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