Conversation Starter: JPG Ltd. Jewelry

     Have you ever worn a piece of jewelry that actually has strangers stopping you in the airport to ask about it?  What about one that has jaded salesgirls in boutiques drooling?  Any item that can have that effect on people is remarkable indeed and most unique.

     My current piece falling into that category is the large ARLO in sterling silver by JPG Ltd

Named for a beautiful little girl here in Richmond, mine is nestled on a necklace of silver nuggets that really makes the pendant stand out.  The coral design is 3″ wide and 3 1/4″ long giving it a remarkable presence that really catches peoples’ eyes.

     JPG Ltd. is Janet Porcher Gregg, a creative type of the first order.  Currently living in a charming cottage on the Battery in Charleston, Janet previously worked for the likes of Charlotte Moss in New York.  Interior design, floral design, jewelry design:  Janet’s talent and style are impressive and have made me an Avad Fan.  Take a look at her home featured through Cottage Living on  She clearly has a knack for creating stunning settings.

JPG Ltd. 2011 Collection

     Janet’s jewelry collection consists of a wide variety of statement pieces.  She sells her pieces at trunk shows throughout the country, as well as on her website.  I have had the opportunity to see these pieces at trunk shows held as fundraisers for the World Pediatric Project  (formerly the International Children’s Hospital) based here in Richmond. 

     My most recent purchase was this long necklace (doubled here) made of cut quartz.  I love the feel of the natural quartz, which is beautifully separated by gold beads.  It was just what I needed to update my look.

     You know that you have found a winner when you put on a piece of jewelry, and it makes you feel good.  It’s cache goes up even further when your friends compliment it.  When total strangers strike up a conversation about your fabulous necklace, you know that you have hit the jackpot.  Janet Gregg’s designs do so every time.

1st and 3rd pics by Avad Fan.


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