Former Royal Gardener, David Howard, to Visit Richmond

     I am avadly awaiting David Howard’s visit to Richmond.  The former head gardener for H.R.H. Prince Charles of Wales is set to speak on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at the Cheek Theatre in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  He will be discussing “My Life in Gardens” at 10 a.m. and “Organic Principles at Work” at 11:30.  No doubt his talk will be filled with royal dirt ;-).

David Howard

     Mr. Howard will take his audience on a virtual tour of the famous royal grounds whose names we know so well:  Highgrove, Windsor Castle, Clarence House and Birkhall.  We are all aware that Prince Charles has been a pioneer in organic gardening.  Having worked with His Royal Highness for 10 1/2 years, Mr. Howard will explain how he and the Prince were able to create some of the world’s most beautiful and important gardens organically. 


     This unique event is being presented jointly by the four Richmond clubs of The Garden Club of Virginia, the Boxwood, James River, Three Chopt and Tuckahoe Garden Clubs.  It could not have been timed more perfectly.  Everyone with whom I have compared notes about Catherine and William’s spectacular fairy tale wedding has commented on the glorious 20-foot trees lining the aisle in Westminster Abbey.  According to the official royal website, these eight lives trees (six English Field Maple and two Hornbeam) were displayed at the wedding in containers created by craftsmen at Highgrove and are destined to be planted there.  This tangential connection to the royal wedding adds even more appeal to Mr. Howard’s presentation.

     Mr. Howard’s visit serves as a major fundraiser for Capital Trees, a public-private partnership with the City of Richmond and the four garden clubs mentioned above.  As more fully described on the partnership’s website, the partners are working to create an example of how trees can be planted successfully in an urban environment in order to help reduce storm water runoff, protect rivers and recreate the natural beauty of our historic city.  The idea of an urban tree canopy replacing the largest concrete canyon in downtown Richmond is particularly appealing as a project that is definitely worthy of the community’s support. 

Capital Trees Drawing

     I purchased my ticket for this event on-line at   Having spent a day at Windsor Castle with my dear hub and children several years ago being awed by its splendor and that same week attending a most memorable service at Westminster Abbey where we had the opportunity to hear Desmond Tutu lovingly preach and shake his hand afterward (he actually high-fived my then eight-year old son), I am truly looking forward to David Howard’s royal tour.  As the word gets out about his talk, the tickets will go fast.  No doubt, this will be a remarkable presentation that anyone interested in landscape or the royals will want to attend.


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