Liza Byrd Sets Up Shop at 5807!

     I was so excited to stumble upon the new Liza Byrd Boutique space in the Shops at 5807 yesterday.  For years, I have been an Avad Fan and customer of Liza Byrd’s unique and fabulous novelty clothes, gifts and occasional home goods.  She regularly participates in the annual fundraising marketplaces around town like St. Catherine’s Daisy Days and St. Christopher’s Fall Festival, but now, with a permanent site, I can find her upbeat pieces whenever I get the whim.

     The new shop, which just opened yesterday, is filled with ladies and children’s clothing all ready to take you through the summer.  While you can view a lot of Liza Byrd’s products on her website, seeing them in person does make a difference. 

Zandy’s Zinnia Ruffle Top

This tunic, for example, is just beautiful to behold in person.  Being able to touch and feel is the reason that consumers will always want bricks and mortar shops, especially when it comes to unique goods like Liza Byrd’s. 

     I just couldn’t resist this fun piece. 

Pic by Avad Fan

Made of a lightweight jersey, it will be perfect for summer evenings and take me into fall.  Anne, one of the owners of 5807, commented that it was ready-made for a margarita party.  Sounds like a great idea once the rains stop.


     The Shops at 5807 are truly one of the best places to find uncommon goods in all of Richmond.  It is really one big store with lots of individually stocked and decorated boutiques.  Anne and Leigh, the sisters/owners, have assembled a wonderfully eclectic mix of vendors, and their selection and variety of wares is always evolving. 

     Next in is the Hampton House, an institution in their bright green building at the corner of Grove and Libbie since 1971.  As described recently in the Business section of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the owners are downsizing their collection of antiques, fine gifts and china.  Set-up takes place over the weekend, and I can’t wait to see how they reinterpret their gorgeous inventory in this vibrant yet significantly smaller space.

     I always feel so welcome walking into the Shops at 5807 and filled with anticipation at what I will find.  With Liza Byrd and the other great vendors, anyone who loves to shop will feel like they’ve found mecca at 5807 Patterson Avenue.  Once you experience shopping like this, you’ll be an Avad Fan, too.


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