More Quick and Easy: Busy Mom’s Broiled Chicken and Veggies Dinner

     Many people think that December is the craziest time of year, but we moms with school-age kids know that September and May are just as intense.  You’ve got to have your game on to be able to handle all of the extra events that accompany the beginning and end of a school year and accompanying sports seasons.  Having some easy and flexible dinner recipes in your head can keep you calm when you’ve only got a few minutes to dash into the grocery store and not much more time to throw the food into the oven. 

     Broiled Chicken and Veggies is one of my favorite no-brainer recipes that I can count on my family eating without complaint.  You will need about 1 1/2 lbs. of boneless, skinless chicken breasts,  a pound or so of baby new potatoes, olive oil, herbs de provence, salt and pepper.  Then pick-up a few of whatever vegetables look good to you.  Asparagus and broccoli work well, and I always include a couple of colorful sweet bell peppers.

     When it is time to get dinner ready, set the oven to broil, and pull out a jellyroll pan.  I line the pan with one of my very favorite cooking tools, the Silpat pad.  If you have yet to add one of these to your kitchen supplies, just line the pan with aluminum foil.

     Quickly wash the potatoes and cut them into two-bite pieces.  Put them in a mixing bowl and coat evenly with one T. olive oil, one t. herbs de provence, and 1/2  t. each salt and pepper.  Spread the coated potatoes on 1/3 of the pan and cook on the lowest shelf of the oven for 10 minutes.

     While the potatoes are cooking, wash and prepare the veggies.  I cut bell peppers and asparagus into about 2 inch pieces, but broccoli pieces go smaller.  Put them in the mixing bowl and again coat evenly with one T. olive oil, one t. herbs de provence, and 1/2  t. each salt and pepper.  Then cut the chicken breasts into 2 inch pieces. 

     When the potatoes have cooked for 10 minutes, pull out the pan, add the coated veggies to the middle 1/3, and add the chicken to the mixing bowl.  One more time, coat the contents with one T. olive oil, one t. herbs de provence, and 1/2  t. each salt and pepper, and arrange the chicken pieces on the remaining 1/3 of the pan.  Place in the oven on a rack positioned 5 inches from the top broiler.  Cook for 8 minutes, and voila a tasty and tender dinner is ready to serve to the troops.

     When I first adapted this recipe several years ago from a Broiled Chicken with Hummus recipe that I had found in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, I could not believe how moist the chicken pieces were.  I also realized how easily it can accomodate whatever ingredients, especially seasonings, you have on hand.  The key is the size that you cut the chicken and veggies.

     I am such an Avad Fan of this approach to dinner on a busy night.  It’s even gluten and casein free.  Best of all, it’s about the only way that my teenage son will eat broccoli:-).

All pics by Avad Fan.


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