Mother’s Day in Full Bloom

     Happy Mother’s Day to all and especially to my Mother!  I won’t get to see her for another month, and I really wish I could be with her today.  I would get a kick out of seeing her face when she opens my gift to her.

I got her a pair of the Joyce Chen Unlimited Scissors, my new gift of choice.  I found out about these babies during my birthday party at my friend, S’s, home.  S pulled them out as we were fussing over her beautiful flowers, and my friend, A, went nuts for the scissors.  Well I had to have some and promptly order two pairs.  The first went to my friend, C, who needs nothing, and the other I kept.  C was probably puzzled like my Mother is this morning, but both will come to see the strength and ease of these little beauties.

Joyce Chen 51-0220 Kitchen Unlimited Scissors 6-3/8"

     The moment that I started using mine, I became an Avad Fan.  As Ms. Chen’s website describes,

Joyce Chen Unlimited Scissors can be used to cut just about anything. They can cut through bone for poultry and fish. They can be used in the garden, the possibilities are really quite unlimited. The carbon content in the steel is doubled or even possibly tripled compared to normal stainless steel scissors. Molybdenum (which aids in corrosion resistance) and Vanadium (which helps to stabilize the steel during production) are added while increasing the carbon content to achieve the extreme hardness without making the stainless brittle. This simply means the scissors can be used to both cut hard objects in the kitchen and the garden, like bones or stems while maintaining the sharpness of the scissor longer.

     I like using my scissors for all of my flower cutting and arrangements.  They have been going at a furious pace this week as I have been trying to keep up with all of my peonies in bloom.  My house smells like a florist.  Maybe these blooms are the reason that Mother’s Day takes place the second Sunday in May.

    On Andre Viette’s advice, I have been refrigerating some of my harvest when the peony bud is just beginning to open.  I will need to condition these buds tonight in preparation for Flower Camp tomorrow at A’s.  My scissors will be getting another workout there.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it on Tuesday.

    In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy a Mother’s Day in full bloom.

All pics, except the product pic, by Avad Fan.


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