Eddie Ross at the Ivy Market

     Eddie Ross, stylist extraordinaire, is coming to the Ivy Market this week.  I am so excited.  He and his partner, Jaithan, will be selling some of their vintage servingware and accessories, which are no longer being sold on-line.  Eddie will also be giving a presentation on easy and elegant entertaining Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. and Thursday at 10:30 a.m.  The Ivy Market takes place at the Jepson Alumni Center at the University of Richmond on Wednesday, May 4  from 5-9 and Thursday, May 5  from 9-4.  I always look forward to attending and will definitely not want to miss this one.


     Eddie Ross has become a remarkable design force in both print and social media.  I remember reading his monthly column in House Beautiful on “Flea Market Finds”.  He was educated at the Culinary Institute of America, found his way to design food for the Food Network, and then joined forces with Martha Stewart Omnimedia.  While still writing columns for Southern Living and Women’s Day, Eddie has parlayed his success into his own Eddie Ross empire providing design services around the country for individuals and corporations.


     I feel like I have gotten to know Eddie through his eponymous blog.  He seems so down to earth and practical while being excited about the creative forces that swirl around him.  One of  his specialties is indentifying vintage and flea market loners that can be spiffed up with some elbow grease or paint, placed in a new setting and look like a rock star.  He even hosts trips to some of the biggest flea markets and antique fairs in the country teaching his fans how to identifying the ugly duckling that can be turned into a swan.  Nothing is better than that feeling of rescue and transformation, and I would love to join Eddie on one of these excursions.


     Eddie gives his blog readers behind the scenes accounts of his magazine shoots and window stagings.  I feel like a fly on the wall as I read his accounts and then later see his project on the pages of a magazine.  Most recently it was his Easter cover story for Women’s Day.  Eddie reveals on his blog that the beautiful color on the cover was tweaked by the Women’s Day editors in order to pop on the newsstands.  To think, his inspiration was a Caspari napkin, which he then used to cover some of the eggs.  I also love Caspari napkins and am glad to know that I’m not the only one who finds inspiration in their beautiful designs.  (Have you been to the Caspari store on the Charlottesville mall?  That will have to be the subject of another post.)



     In addition, Eddie’s blog is an inspiration to others building their careers.  He shares how he has forged his own path in the design world.  He has taken risks and built a recognizable brand that is respected by designers all over the country.  Carleton Varney, president of the iconic Dorothy Draper & Company, Inc.,  even has Eddie doing the window designs for his Carelton V NYC showroom.  What a coup for the Ivy Market to have him visit this week.


     If you haven’t been before, the Ivy Market is a two day shopping event featuring unique, upscale vendors from all over the country.  Created by my energetic and adorable friend, Andrea Whitaker, it takes place twice a year and benefits The Tad DuPriest Foundation and ASK, helping to improve the lives of children battling cancer.   I’ve been an Avad Fan of the Ivy Market for several years and am more excited than ever for this week’s edition.  Hope to see you there.

All pictures from Eddie Ross.


5 Comments on “Eddie Ross at the Ivy Market”

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