Annapolis Fun Fantasy

What’s a mom fantasy?  A girls’ weekend away from the hub and kids.  Rumors of other women indulging in such weekends abound, but it’s a fantasy to me because it rarely to never happens in my life.   My hub cannot understand this fantasy because his fantasy is just getting to hang out at home.  We view life so very differently these days, so it’s a good thing when I can go away even just for a swim meet with our son and leave him home with our daughter.

We had a new swim meet venue this weekend:  Annapolis  and the Naval Academy.  I have been trying to get back there for years, and it was fun to walk the old streets with the hordes of tourists and boat show shoppers.  Instead of sharing the sites with family, I was with my swim mom friends, and we made the most of Annapolis fantasizing that we were enjoying a girls’ weekend away.  At least we were away from the house work.

     Unlike the intensity of championship meets that necessarily have to be all about our swimmers’ needs, this one was, in effect, a long course practice meet.  With no pressure on the swimmers and an unusual mid-day session for our teens, we were able to get in a little play time in this charming town.  Only 2 hours away from Richmond if the D.C. traffic gods are kind, this park and walk village is easy to enjoy and get around.  We were comfortable letting our kids wander the town without us after dinner in search of ice cream cones.

     Once our swimmers were escorted through the Naval Academy’s security to the pool on Saturday, we headed for lunch.  A shining sun cooled by the breeze coming off the Severn River put us in the mood for a light Italian lunch, and we discovered Ristorante Piccola Roma.  Facing Main Street with floor to ceiling plate glass windows, we were seated in the sun-filled front corner.

     Not having to drive for several hours, we split a bottle of the house Pinot Grigio.  For me, this was the ultimate indulgence, and it set the mood for our fantasy girls’ weekend.  As much as possible, we pretended that we weren’t accompanied by our teenage pack of mostly boys and told stories and laughed and enjoyed being together.

We all ordered salads to go with our wine, and mine was divine.  Simply listed as “Warm Chicken Salad”, it was a sliced, grilled chicken breast on top of barely wilted salad greens and goat chicken in a warm honey mustard dressing.  Though it sounds completely pedestrian, it was finished perfectly with just the right amount of dressing to melt the goat cheese so that its creaminess permeated the greens.  I enjoyed ever bite of this appropriately sized salad, while also enjoying a slice or two of the restaurant’s freshly baked bread dipped in olive oil (no butter on its tables).

I kept thinking about that perfect little salad, so when we had the chance to go to lunch again on Sunday sans children, Piccola Roma was an easy choice.  No wine with this meal because we had the drive home looming after the swim session, but we still enjoyed the service and sorroundings of this lovely restaurant.  My second serving of the Warm Chicken Salad did not disappoint, and I am sure that I will try to recreate the balance of this seemingly simple dish over the next couple of months.

     Our fantasy girls’ weekend is over, but I will fondly remember our time exploring Annapolis in between swimming events, eating and drinking at Ristorante Piccola Roma and spending time with some wonderful women whom I probably would not know but for my son’s swimming life.


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